3 Reasons Why Teaching Adults ESL Is Rewarding 

When you think of a teacher, you will most likely automatically think of an adult teaching children. This is the most common, and after all, it’s something we have all experienced. Yet there are other teachers, and some teachers specialize in teaching adults ESL (English as a second language) only. There are many reasons why this is just as rewarding as teaching children (perhaps even more so in some cases), and if you are wondering what career to choose or you’re thinking of switching, then teaching adults ESL could be exactly the kind of job you are looking for. Here are the reasons why. 

You Will Learn 

When you are an adult teaching adults after studying ESL programs online, you are sure to learn something in your classroom. 

Adults have a lot of life experience behind them, and this means that they will often offer an entirely new perspective on your views and opinions. This is something that children won’t usually do; they will listen to you and understand and take what you have said as their own views. It’s good to hear other opinions and arguments, and you might learn something important. Having a job where you can find out all kinds of exciting and interesting things every day is not something everyone is privileged to have, but when you are teaching adults, it is yours. 

Action Is Taken 

Unlike children who have to attend school, whether they want to be there or not, adult learners have chosen to attend your ESL class, and they want to learn what you are teaching them. Not only does this mean that they will engage more in your lessons than a child who would rather be at home, but they will also work hard at home in between lessons. 

In this way, you can really see that progress is being made. You will be giving them the groundwork of ESL in your lessons, and they will go away and build on that so that when they return, their knowledge and understanding has improved. That’s not to say that teaching adults is easier because they take any action required to better themselves, but it does mean that you can work on improving them without having to go over the same information time and again. 

Changing Lives 

There will be a reason why the adult in your classroom or the one who is learning through your online video lessons has gone back into education to learn ESL. They might want to better themselves and find a good job, they might want a promotion, they might be in jail and wanting to be ready for release, or they might have missed out on education when they were younger due to family circumstances or illness. 

Whatever the reason, you being there to teach them will change their lives. Once they have the qualification and knowledge that you are offering, they can make the changes that are necessary to have a happier, more successful life. Without you and your teaching, this may not be able to happen.