3 Tips for a Better Deer Hunting Season

Whether it’s your first time in the wilds or you’re a seasoned hunter looking to improve your success, there are some simple ways to ensure that you have a better deer hunting season. While there are never any guarantees that you will be returning home after your hunt with the biggest buck your neighbors have ever seen, you can improve your chances. Take the time to get your preparation right, and you could find that your next hunting experience is more successful than ever. For both first-timers and those that have already experienced the thrill of the hunt but want to make improvements, here are some of the best tips to keep in mind as the deer hunting season approaches.

Think about Smell

The scent of humans will always spook deer. Always use scent-free soap when you shower before a hunting trip and keep your hunting gear sealed during the journey. You want to smell like you belong, so don’t be afraid to rub dirt and leaves on your clothes. When it comes to scents, don’t rely too much on doe estrous. It can be very useful, but in later seasons, it will less effective (bucks will know that it’s not the right time of year for estrous). Pay attention to wind direction, or pick an elevated position that will send your scent over the heads of deer. Hunters that don’t think about scents will never be as successful as those that take the time to minimize their human odors.

Choose your Spot

Even if you can’t get down to some serious scouting before the season opens, you can still do plenty of research. Google Maps is an incredible tool for hunters who want to get a better idea of the territory they’ll be hunting in, but there are plenty of apps available too. Remember to bear in mind your hunting lines, and when you get to your spot in person, don’t be tempted to break branches for improved sightlines. Older bucks can often associate broken wood with human activity, so keep your area as natural as possible. Set up your stand so that everything you need is within reach, and prepare yourself mentally for the wait.

Wrap Up

If you’re hunting deer in the colder months, you’re going to need to stay warm. If you get too cold, you’re going to be exposing yourself to real dangers. Not only can the wrong clothing be dangerous, but it will also reduce the amount of time that you can spend hunting. Invest in the best cold weather hunting clothes from SKRE, and you’ll be able to spend much more time in the field. Don’t forget to try your winter gear on and get used to it before you head off on your trip. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure that everything fits perfectly before you find out too late.

Hunting deer can be an amazing experience, but it can certainly be a challenge. The more that you prepare for your trip, the more likely that you will return home with a level of success that you can be proud of. Take your time to get your prep right and learn to avoid some of the most common mistakes of even experienced hunters, and you’ll soon be looking forward to what you might achieve next season.