4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your House More Dog Friendly

Good owners want the absolute best for their pets, but it can sometimes be tough. You may not have the money needed to build them the nice playpen you wanted or a deluxe dog house. But there are other ways that you can enhance their quality of life by making a few additions. Some of these could also make life much easier for you. Let’s take a look at a few budget-friendly ways to make your house more dog-friendly.

Invest in a Good Bed

Every dog needs a comfy spot that they will look forward to going to when they’re tired. You also want it to be nice enough so that they don’t end up jumping in your bed in the middle of the night. This is why you need to invest in a nice bed for them at the very least.

You have almost as complex a selection of dog mattresses on the market as you do for humans, so we suggest you inform yourself of the different types there are out there. If you want more information on dog beds and extensive reviews of some of the best on the market, you can check out read this article from Four Paw Ideas

Take their Personality into Consideration

Is your dog more destructive or more the energizer bunny type that likes to jump on cupboards and go on feeding frenzies? If it’s the latter, then you might want to invest in jars with child locks to make sure that they can’t get to what’s inside. If they’re chewers, you have to find ways to keep anything that’s toxic out of reach and also consider where electric cables are located.

Create a Feeding Station

A feeding station could also be a great addition. This will allow you to keep everything nice and clean and have a spot for them to enjoy their meals without being bothered. If you’re the type who likes the dog to eat with the rest of the family but don’t want to deal with the mess, a bottom drawer in the kitchen could be modified into a feeding station so you can keep them close.

Add a Mudroom

Mudrooms are not only great for pets, but humans as well. This is especially true if you constantly have to deal with snowy sludgy weather. You’ll appreciate this addition even better if you have lots of kids.

Traditionally, mudrooms were located at the back of the house, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from creating one in the front entrance if it’s the busiest one. You can easily create one that will connect with the foyer. This will give your front entrance a more formal look. It will also give you a nice cozy and warm area to prepare for long walks in the snow or remove your layers when coming home. 

These few tips and additions will help you create a perfect environment for your dog without spending too much doing anything crazy. Your pup will surely appreciate it, and it will make things easier for everyone in the house.