4 Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Do you have a family member that is obsessed with robotics? Perhaps one of your friends has a profound interest in automation? Is your neighbor constantly tinkering with computers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should gift these people what they most desire: technology!

The festive season is now only a mere few months away, so now is definitely the time to start your Christmas shopping. For advice on shopping for your tech-loving family member, friend, or neighbor, make sure to read on.

High-tech alarm clock

Does your tech-loving friend or family member happen to have a problem with getting out of bed on time? If so, you should consider buying him or her a high-tech alarm clock. With features such as a sunrise-simulating light, an alarm sound that gradually increases, and a Bluetooth speaker, you will be sure to encourage your giftee to get up and face the day when you gift them with this type of tech.

Noise-canceling headphones

Whether your giftee likes to jam to their own music, take phone calls, or listen to podcasts, they will be able to do so without any interruption if you present them with noise-canceling headphones

Thanks to recent advancements in this particular field, not only does this type of tech block out a whopping 11 levels of noise but it now also comes with voice-assist. Many of today’s noise-canceling headphones are optimized for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning your loved one will be able to control their songs, calls, and podcasts via voice commands. If they don’t think that’s cool, they won’t think anything is cool!

Gifts for gamers

If your loved one is a big gamer, then you should allow them to indulge in their passion by gifting them with the following presents this Christmas time:

  • Charging docks for their controllers and joy-cons
  • For computer gamers — stainless steel keycaps to highlight the four most important keys: WASD
  • A Virtual Reality headset (either Oculus or PlayStation VR)
  • For keen video streamers — lights that improving streaming quality

Power supplies

Without power, your loved one won’t be able to make use of all the cool tech gadgets that he or she is gifted with this Christmas. Should you wish to go down the practical route when choosing the perfect present for them, then, a useful thing for you to do would be to gift them with AC-DC power supplies. This will ensure that their laptops, smartphones, games consoles, and radios never run out of juice whenever they use them outside of the house and in a portable fashion.

You might not be a techie yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fill your loved one’s Christmas stocking with all the tools and gadgets that he or she desires. Now that you know exactly what it is tech-lovers love, you can set about the once arduous task of shopping for them without having to worry that you’re buying them all the wrong things.