4 Reasons to adopt a dog

If you are currently looking to welcome a furry friend into your home, there are so many reasons adopting a dog is the right choice. Adoption is incredibly rewarding, plus it is usually cheaper than buying from a private seller. 

Some people are worried that adopting a rescue dog could mean a lifetime of behavioral issues, health conditions and more, but we are here to share 4 reasons you should consider adopting a pooch. 

You could be saving a life 

There is no denying that all dogs up for sale and adoption need a home. But while sellers will likely be able to find a different buyer, some rescue dogs often have to be adopted or fostered within a short period – otherwise they may be put down. With that in mind, adopting a dog could help you not only save their life, but another; when you welcome a rescue dog into your home, you open up a space at the shelter for another animal that otherwise may be put down. So, in essence, you save two lives through one adoption. 

Your new friend will be a perfect match 

While a private seller is interested in selling their dog as a ‘product’ as quickly as possible, a shelter will make sure to place their rescues in the best home for their specific needs. 

Adopting does require an application form, but this is only to help the shelter find you the perfect dog, and their dog the perfect family. 

They are more likely to be trained 

By adopting an older dog, you can skip the puppy training. Puppies in training can cause significant damage to your house through teething, chewing and toilet accidents. If you do not feel up to that challenge, adopting an older dog (even just a year old) can save you the hassle so you can get straight into loving your little pooch without worrying about training.

Dogs who have come into the rescue untrained, will often be sent to a foster home where experienced families will teach them the right habits. That way, you miss out on the messy stage.

It is cheaper 

For some prospective dog parents, money is no object. However, not all of us want to – or are able to – pay thousands for a new furry friend. 

Adopting a dog is not free, but you can likely find yourself a perfect new family member for a much smaller price. 

What is more, rescue dogs will often already be neutered or spayed before being put up for adoption – meaning one less thing for you to pay for. They will also have had at least their initial vaccinations so you have much less to worry about. 

If you adopt a dog before they have been spayed or neutered, the rescue will likely help you arrange the procedure at one of their trusted vets. Alternatively, you can register at kellycrossinganimalhospital.com for a friendly and affordable service.  

There are so many more reasons to consider adopting a dog. Every dog deserves a warm, safe and loving home and you could be the person to give that to them.