4 Things People Think Are True About Divorce That Really Aren’t

Few subjects are as misunderstood as divorce these days, even if it’s becoming increasingly common. Most people based their ideas of divorce proceedings on myths, rumors, and hearsay when it would be better for them to learn from a legal professional. This would allow them to navigate through the process much more easily and make it less stressful. It could also help them avoid mistakes that could affect their personal lives and family dynamic for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the things people assume are true about divorce but aren’t.

You’ll Get Nothing if You Committed Adultery

A lot of people think that committing adultery will automatically cost them custody of their children, alimony, or part of the assets, but that’s a myth. Cheating on your wife or husband will not bar you from getting custody or a rightful part of the couple’s assets. The only exception is if the adulterous act caused financial injury to the other party. In this case, the jointly owned assets could be divided differently to account for that fact.

You Need a Lawyer to File a Divorce

You should know that you’re not required to hire a lawyer to get a divorce, but it’s usually not recommended that you represent yourself. The only case where that could work is if you have no children and few assets to split, and even then, it would usually be better to go with a professional.

If the situation is complex and you own diversified assets acquired at different stages in your lives, then you absolutely have to go with a lawyer.  A family law, divorce, and custody firm like the Simon Law Group will be able to accelerate the division process, explain it in detail to you, and stop you from making mistakes that could cost you in the end.

A Divorce Has to be a Fight

Some people assume that all divorces are bitter battles and that every paperclip the couple owns should be fought over with a team of lawyers present. In reality, divorces can be very amicable even if betrayal was involved. This is often when the parents have multiple children and don’t want them to be affected negatively by the divorce.

If you truly care about your kids, then you want to find a way to make the divorce as non-litigious as possible. This starts with good communication through the process and knowing the different options open to you. 

There are rare cases where you could go for an uncontested divorce, for instance, and you would be able to cut costs and expedite the process. This is something you’ll need to look over with your lawyer if you agree on virtually everything and want the procedures to go as smoothly as possible.

The Mother Always Gets Custody

A lot of people assume that the mother will automatically get custody of the kids when this is not always the case. Custody should be given to the parent who’s most fit to take care of the children.

Factors like financial stability, mental and emotional fitness, the relationship between the child and the parents, and even the child’s inclination in some cases will determine who will get custody at the end. So, don’t assume that you won’t get it and examine if it would truly be beneficial for your children for you to get main custody.

These are only some of the myths that are floating around about divorce. Speak with a lawyer today if you still have questions and do your homework so you don’t go into the process with misconceptions.