4 Ways to Treat Your Dog this Year

Treating your dog can strengthen your bond with your pet, help to train them, establish good behavioral patterns, and can reward your furry friend. However, it can be difficult to find healthy and beneficial ways to treat your beloved pet. If you are struggling to find fun, new ways of treating your dog, here are some of the top ways that you can reward them this year.

  • Invest in CBD Oil

CBD oil can act as a treat for your dog, especially if they are easily stressed or anxious animals. CBD oil can help your dog to relax when they are traveling when they are in an anxiety-inducing situation, or when they are home alone. This can help them to live happier and healthier lives. What’s more, CBD oil comes in the form of hemp dog treats, which your dog can see as a form of reward for good behavior and which can help them to consume the CBD without fuss. 

  • Invest in Healthy Treats

The problem with many doggy treat brands is that they act as the equivalent of junk food for your pets, with many of them containing a high amount of calories and poor, unhealthy ingredients rather than nutrients that can keep them well. Then, when you are considering treating your pet, you should look for organic or natural treats with high meat content. This can ensure that they are consuming less harmful processed foods.

If you are still concerned about the treats that you are giving your pet, you should look at dog treat recipes that you can bake yourself. By doing this, you will know exactly what the ingredients of the treats are. You could also consider giving them raw treats, such as fruits and vegetables that are safe for animals or freezing ice pops to give them on hot summer days to help them to reduce their body temperature. 

  • Take Your Dog on as Adventure

Even though exercise may not be a form of a treat for humans, there is no better pleasure for dogs that enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. While you may consider treating them by taking them to a dog park or on a new walking route, you should also consider taking your dog swimming. You should find out about the available dog beaches or pools in your local area, which can allow your dog to learn to swim without disturbing residents. You should also consider taking your pup on holiday with pet-friendly self-catered accommodation that can ensure that your dog can avoid the kennels or the house-sitter.

  • Give Them a Massage

Although you might believe that massages are only beneficial for dogs who are struggling with health conditions, massage can also be a great way to treat good dogs. Massaging your dog can help to boost the connection between you and can also help your dog to relax after a stressful day of learning new tricks. This is in addition to massage’s many health benefits, such as reducing the impact of aging and increasing the motion in your dog’s joints.