5 Cool Party Favors

Parties are the ultimate way to bring all your friends and/or family together for a very good time. It can be to celebrate the new year, party the night away for no particular reason, or to welcome a specific occasion in someone’s life (such as an upcoming wedding or new baby). Your party planning should focus on food, entertainment, and in some cases, party favors. The general consensus is that a party favor is a small token of appreciation that you gift to your party-goers. It may even be a very expensive token of appreciation, depending on your budget. Here are 5 of the world’s coolest party favors!

  1. Custom Koozies

Of all of the party favors, the koozie has earned a reputation for being one of the most versatile and cherished. As a simple technology that keeps your cold beverage ice cold while in its cozy grasp, it’s small, ideal for customization, and infinitely useful after the party is over. Your party-goers will thank you for handing them any kind of koozie. 

No matter what kind of occasion you’re celebrating, you can customize the koozie’s useful sleeve to go with your party theme. If it’s a wedding, you can put the bride and grooms’ names on the koozie, or a quote that will make sense to your guests. If it’s a “just because” party, you can put a funny message and picture on the koozie that gets everyone in the mood to party. They even make great gifts at business events or conferences with your company’s logo on them. You can feel very comfortable knowing that no one ever received a koozie and regretted it. It’s the #1 party favor to most folks. You can find and buy custom koozies here

  1. Grab a Coaster

Coasters are another useful party favor that people have been giving out for ages. They can be plastic, wood, or aluminum – among a host of other available materials – and they’re an everyday item that people need anyway. You’ll notice a theme throughout each of these cool party favors. Every single one of them has value after the party is over. Gag gifts are great, too, but you can always use a koozie or coaster after a big party. They’re the gifts that keep on giving long after the music has died down.

  1. Spiffy Shot Glasses

Alcohol is usually very much a part of every celebration. If you’re hosting an alcohol-friendly celebration, shot glasses are going to thrill your guests with any number of exciting pictures or slogans. As a product that’s fit for customization, you can use your imagination, and some online software, to create the perfect shot glass for your party’s theme. 

Measuring out drinks is a responsible and important part of any celebration with alcohol, so this one isn’t just cool in the “wow, a free glass” way, but it’s cool in that your guests can use it to keep themselves from consuming too much alcohol (or to know when they’ve had too much and need a designated driver). Your shot glass will always be a perfect party favor for any kind of party that hosts a group of enthusiastic drinkers.

  1. Charm Bracelets

If your party features a group of little ones that are eager to celebrate and play, then charm bracelets that are emblazoned with their favorite characters are going to chipper up many a young person’s day. Charm bracelets are ideal for both boys and girls. You can customize them easily using online software and quickly get them created and ready for your little one’s party. They’re simply one of the coolest young people party favors in history, giving them something they can wear fashionable and add to as the years go by. 

  1. Grab Bags

This is one of the more involved of all party favors, as you have to come up with a few items that will surprise and delight your guests, but it’s well worth the time it takes to create the bags. You can put many different “small tokens” inside the decorative bags, and then your guests can take them home with them at the end of the night, or simply tear into them during the party when the mood is right. Small candies, pens, keychains, and other items can be made up to give everyone an assortment of party favors all in one mysterious location. You can decorate the bags yourself or buy pre-decorated bags that will suit your occasion. It’s fun, festive, and mysterious.

Party favors are one of the many ways that you can become the perfect host for any occasion. You can create the perfect environment, food experience, and party favor memories for all of the people that you love the most, and you can do it affordably if you need to. Don’t scratch out that next party just because you’re not going to be able to splurge on a lot of party favors. As you’ve seen here, many of the most popular and exciting party favors don’t cost much at all, and you can customize them in order to make them more enticing to your guests.

Custom koozies hit the top of the list because of everything you can get your party-goers, a custom koozie is going to be the most useful after the party is over. People of all ages appreciate the koozie, and it doesn’t have to be used just with alcoholic beverages, either. You can use them with any canned drink that needs to remain ice cold. No matter what kind of party favors you opt for, remaining a gracious, happy host will be the ultimate test of your occasion. Just like the koozie keeps everyone’s drinks cold, you’re the person who has to keep everyone’s spirits bright and warm. That’s your mission, and it can be accomplished.