5 Essentials for Costume Designers 

The costume design industry, and the entertainment industry in general, is undoubtedly one of the most cut-throat there is. Plenty of professionals are expected to keep up with an incredibly fast pace when it comes to getting work done. As such, you will require a few essentials to help keep you ahead of the curve and constantly impressing all those with whom you collaborate. 

Here is a list of the top five most important essentials to add to your kit.  

Shoe Paint 

Shoe paint is required if you are going to be making adjustments to shoes to suit a character or for a particular scene. Shoe paint is also endlessly less expensive than opting to invest or create an entirely new pair of shoes. There are many different types of shoe paint available; however, if you are going to ensure that it is as versatile as possible, you will definitely want to invest in a brand that can properly adhere to several different materials. This should include sneakers and leather shoes. This type of versatile shoe paint can even be used to add details to other items of clothing, such as belts, jackets, etc. 

Mending Must-Haves 

As a costume designer, you need to be adequately prepared to mend any mishaps that may take place when filming a scene. It is also important to perform effective touch-ups on characters’ costumes on a day-to-day basis once filming comes to an end. In order to do this, you will need a myriad of mending must-haves. These essentials include fusible tape, no-fray spray, snag correctors, patch repair packs, and multi-purpose adhesive. 

Fabric Paint 

Fabric paint makes it possible for you to add those important finishing touches to a costume. It is important to invest in fabric paint in a broad variety of different colors to allow for maximum versatility. You may also want to consider purchasing a clean-up solution to take care of any mistakes and minor errors with minimal fuss. This same solution can then be used to effectively cleanse your brushes once your masterpiece is complete. 

Jewelry Supplies

As you know, costume designers are responsible for more than just ‘bedazzling’ and adding detail to costumes. They are also responsible for creating the jewelry that the characters will wear in the specific film or TV show that they are shooting, or live on stage. Because of this, you will require several jewelry supplies, such as ring guards, wire hoops, and precision tweezers. 

Costume Distressing Products 

Costume distressing products help you to add more personality and realism to costumes. These products can make costumes look aged, dirty, wet, and more. They are available in the form of pigment powders, spray paints, etc. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stock up on these products until you know exactly what costumes you will be creating for each job. This is because the options available are so incredibly varied. Having said that, be sure to hold onto the products that you don’t finish for future use. You never know when they might come in handy. 

It’s time to hit the store and bulk up your design kit. Enjoy!