5 Upsides of Moving to Tucson

If you are considering a fresh start and thinking about moving to a new city, Tuscon should definitely make that list. Tucson is a desert oasis that has so many reasons that it would make you want to call this city home. Just check out some of these houses for sale in Tucson right now, and it is easy to figure out why. With the lower land and housing price, you can stretch your house budget further than you could in most cities in the United States. Need more convincing? Check out our top 5 reasons that you would want to live in Tucson.

The Great Outdoors

Tucson is a nature lovers paradise. If you are into hiking, there are some fantastic trails available on all fitness levels. Visit the Saguaro National Park and have a great time exercising while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. And Tucson is home to the most significant and longest-running marathon bike race, El Tour de Tucson. No matter what you’re into, running, hiking, climbing, cycling, this place has you covered.


Tucson has a much lower cost of living when compared to the national average. You will pay less for real estate, or get more square footage, rent, and more. Even the gas and groceries are more affordable when compared to other cities in Arizona, like Phoenix. By saving the extra money, you can invest in your retirement, or fund that vacation you’ve been thinking of. Although with the amazing Tucson weather, why would you want to leave?

Gem Show

Every February, Tucson becomes home to one of the largest gem and jewelry shows in the United States. Beginning at the Tucson Convention Center and spreading all around the town in outdoor pavilions, the gem show is a must-see attraction. You can spend days perusing the fantastic selection of gems from moderately priced to mega extravagant. 


If you are nervous about meeting new people in a new city, you should consider Tucson. Over half of the cities population is single, and Tucson embraces the culture by hosting tons of community events to help you meet up with new people. One of the most famous events is Tucson Meet Yourself. It’s a folklife festival that embraces diversity and celebrates all life in a fun-filled setting. If you already have your significant other, there are tons of great meetup groups that center around exercise, book clubs, career choice, and art. 

Food and Drinks

If you are a fan of tacos and Southwestern cuisine, you will fall in love with the dining options available to you in the city. From casual food trucks that provide amazing cuisine up to world-class dining with famous chefs, if you are hungry, Tucson is the place for you. If you love cooking with fresh ingredients, you will make visiting Heirloom Farmers Market a priority on your shopping list. They have the freshest ingredients that are sure to delight any amateur or professional chef.