6 Scents Guaranteed to Lift Your Mood

Scents, and especially very specific scents, can have a very powerful effect on a person’s mood and general productivity. Perhaps that is why a great cologne or perfume is every successful businessman or businesswoman’s secret weapon! If you are looking to boost your mood and your productivity, here are six distinctive scents to try. You may be surprised at just how much of a difference they make. 


Lemon is best known for its antibacterial properties, but did you know that it is also said to enhance concentration for longer periods of time? The next time that you are feeling down and reluctant to get anything done, grab a lemon-enriched essential oil, pour a few drops into a cotton ball, and take a whiff. You should be instantly invigorated and ready to get back to work.


Jasmine is a gorgeous springtime scent that is often employed as an antidepressant within the aromatherapy world. It is used to calm the nerves and elicit feelings of optimism. The great news is that countless fragrances embrace Jasmine as their main ingredient, so it is possible to harness the power of this scent all day long. Why not shop for a new discount fragrance online and see how many of them are full of cheerful jasmine? 


Are you feeling a bit low simply because you are exhausted, burnt out, or had a particularly rough night? If so, you may find relief in the form of the scent of rosemary. This herb is commonly used in the kitchen, but it is also a great choice as an essential oil or fragrance used to fight off fatigue. It works well to relieve both physical and mental exhaustion, ultimately lifting a person’s mood and energy levels. 


When stress is preventing you from relaxing, getting enough sleep, or being productive in your day to day life, introducing lavender into your routine can be a real lifesaver. This classic scent is a classic for a reason. It is celebrated for its calming properties that help to relieve stress, reduce tension, and calm the nerves. This is another lovely aroma that is commonly used in the creation of various popular fragrances, so be sure to keep a lookout for it. 


Energize and invigorate the mind the next time you need to conduct some creative thinking or take part in a brainstorming session at work, with a dab of peppermint oil on the back of your wrist. Have a little sniff any time you feel your creativity or concentration starting to wane and it will instantly bring your thoughts back to the task at hand. It also works perfectly as an energizer on those days when you’re feeling especially tired and rundown. 


Don’t reach for that chocolate bar or bag of crisps when you’re feeling slightly depressed and in search of comfort. A sniff of vanilla will often be all that you need to start feeling more positive about your day. This particular scent is also inherently calming, helping to introduce a sense of balance to both body and mind. 

So, why not sniff your way to a better mood? You’ll be so very glad that you did!