6 Top Tips for the Best Campervan Trip

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Whether you have rented a campervan or bought one, you are in for an amazing adventure. Campervan trips are full of freedom, creativity, fun and interest. You have the flexibility to tailor your trip to suit your tastes and your budget. Once you’ve got your campervan, settle down to plan the perfect trip with these tips. 

  1. Learn to Drive It

A campervan is not that difficult to drive, but it is more challenging than the average small car. Save yourself the stress and worry, and amused glances from passers-by, by practising and making sure you can handle the vehicle before you hit the road. If you are renting a campervan, it’s not the best time to hire a manual if you have only ever driven an automatic. Make sure you are confident with parking and manoeuvring. 

  1. Enjoy the Freedom

You’re driving a van, which means you have the option to go wherever you choose. Enjoy the fact you can pack up and head off to somewhere new if you feel like it. Take recommendations on your travels. If a fellow camper suggests you head out to a particular lake or into the mountains to see a great view, why not follow their advice? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay. You don’t need to restrict yourself when you travel with a campervan. 

  1. But Plan a Little 

You don’t need to know where you will be staying every single night but it does help to map out a route so you won’t end up driving hundreds of miles and getting tired or stressed. It’s a good idea to know your stopping points and how long you will take to get between places. 

  1. Check Your Gear

You may end up on a site with very few facilities or a town with one very expensive grocery shop. Take the essentials with you and you won’t get caught short. Think about what you use on a camping trip. Make sure you have a list before you travel so you don’t get confused and miss taking something important. Campervan Hire often includes some items, so check what these are so you don’t double-up. A reputable hire firm will provide a great deal of extras so you don’t need to pack these things. These can include at least one spare bottle of gas, utensils like can openers and bottle openers, cups and plates, Bluetooth connection devices, and the little details you are liable to forget like toilet paper and a washing up sponge and washing up liquid.

  1. Do Some Food Prep

There’s no fun in finding an empty cool box at the end of a long day. But you don’t want to carry so much food you haven’t room for anything else. Plan your meals in advance, choosing dishes that will be quick and easy to prepare. Do what you can beforehand in terms of prepping your food. You can pre-cut vegetables, for example, and freeze them, as well as pre-packing small quantities of herbs and spices. The more you can do in the comfort of your home kitchen, the easier life will be on the road. 

  1. Pick the Right Spot

Only park up for the night in a place you are legally allowed to stop. When on a campsite, look for a level pitch away from bright camp lights and tall trees. Ideally, you want plenty of space surrounding you. Choose a site with the natural beauty or the facilities you crave when you go on holiday.