6 Tricks Every Party-Lover Needs in their Hangover Arsenal

One of the biggest downsides of partying can often be the dreaded hangover the next day. It might surprise you to learn it can take up to 11 hours for alcohol to disappear from your system, and the side effects could last much longer.

Fortunately, there are various tactics you can undertake to stop your stomach from churning and the room from spinning. If you want to banish nausea, headaches, and fatigue after a fun night with your friends, here are six tricks every party-lover needs in their hangover arsenal.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Alcohol consumption will block the creation of vasopressin in the body. This will result in your kidneys directing water to your bladder, which could cause dehydration. It’s for this reason why many people will struggle with troublesome headaches and a dry mouth the next day. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, you should drink plenty of water between drinks and before you go to bed.

  1. Don’t Dance Too Much

While you might be eager to strut your stuff on the dance floor, it could lead to you feeling a little worse for wear the next day. When combined with alcohol, dancing can speed up dehydration and may deplete your energy levels. So, regularly take a break from busting a move to ensure you feel bright and breezy the next morning.

  1. Enjoy Fast Relief with a Hangover IV Bag

While you might have experienced an unforgettable night of partying with your best friends, it’s likely you will regret drinking too much alcohol the next morning. Rather than struggling on throughout the day, you could enjoy fast relief with a hangover IV bag, which can quickly banish unwanted symptoms, such as nausea, a headache, dehydration, and an upset stomach. It works by rehydrating your body and restoring lost nutrients following a night of partying.

  1. Eat Well

Before you reach for fast food, you should know there are some products that could help you to recover from a hangover quickly. For instance, eggs contain taurine, an amino sulfonic acid, that can reportedly reverse liver damage due to alcohol consumption. You also should avoid greasy foods, which could upset your stomach further, and consume lighter carbohydrates instead, such as crackers or wholemeal toast.

  1. Grab Some Sleep

Excessive alcohol consumption can interrupt a person’s sleep, which can cause unwanted hangover symptoms, such as irritability, fatigue, and a headache. Sleep is also restorative, which is why you should aim to enjoy some shut-eye after a night of heavy partying. A lengthy sleep will allow you to avoid any unpleasant hangover symptoms, and your body will effectively recover at a faster rate.

  1. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Don’t skip your morning cup of coffee after a night of partying. It is believed that caffeine in coffee can narrow a person’s swollen blood vessels, which can be responsible for a painful headache. So, pour yourself a hot cup of joe when you wake up to feel a little more like your old self.

So, the next time you overdo it on alcohol, you should consider the above helpful tips.