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6 Ways to Help a Loved One Prepare as They Age

It’s not something many people would like to think about, but either way, aging is going to happen, and it’s always better to be prepared with it. Good preparation not only protects all people involved but helps for a healthier and more relaxed mind, too, when they know that everything is in place in the right way. 

Here are 6 important ways to help a loved one prepare for older age. 

1. Make the Home More Accessible 

A lot of things change as you get older, and this includes mobility. If your loved one’s home is too big or too challenging for them to move around safely, then it may need to be rectified. Your loved one may want to consider downsizing or moving to a home which is all on one level to avoid stairs. Or, if this isn’t possible, think about helpful alternatives like a stairlift, or moving living areas closer to the bedroom or kitchen if needed. 

2. Declutter

It may also be a good idea to have a thorough declutter, both to eliminate any unnecessary trip hazards, and also as a good excuse for your loved one to sort through all their belongings and only keep what really matters. Excess or unwanted belongings can either go to family members, friends, or be donated to charity, to put them to a new purpose, and have the home feeling cleaner and more organized. 

3. Think About Care Arrangements 

It may be that you need to think about long-term care plans, whether for the immediate future or when the time comes. You should consider your loved one’s budget and needs for care facilities, as there are always options like The Gatesworth to add a little more luxury to senior care communities. 

Be sure to speak with your loved one about what they would be comfortable and happy with, and the desired location. 

4. Help Them to Arrange Their Finances

Clearing debt by a certain age is always optimal, as you don’t want to still be paying previous debt off at a senior age — especially if you are no longer working. It’s important to explain this to your loved one if they still have debt, and then help to work out a plan and budget in which they can best pay any remaining debt off, and have all their finances in order. 

5. Prepare a Will 

It’s never a nice thought, but it’s a necessary step to protect your loved one and their assets. Passing away without ever formulating a will means that money and assets can be divided as the law sees fit. Speak with your loved one about whether or not they have thought about preparing a will, or already done so. 

6. Encourage Healthier Habits 

A proper diet and an active lifestyle are the most important ways to prepare for aging. If you think your loved one is failing to understand healthy eating or isn’t motivated for enough exercise, then try and encourage them with the importance of better habits and help them to find a good routine.