8 Kitchen Tools and Essentials for Camping

A major part of a camping vacation is the challenge and joy of cooking your meals out in the open air on a roaring fire. While there is no denying that it can take some practice to get the best results, with the right meal planning, tools, and equipment, you can make delicious and nutritious meals everyone will love. First-time campers may feel that their options are limited in terms of what they can cook on a fire, but the truth is that almost anything is possible. This checklist includes all the kitchen tools and other essential items you should be taking with you on your camping trip. 

  1. Camping stove and fuel

One of your most important purchases will be your camping stove which are compact, lightweight, and portable, and available as single or dual burner stoves. To ensure you get a high-quality camping stove, take a look at Best Camping Stoves: The Ultimate 2020 Buyer’s Guide. You will also need a pressurized canister of fuel such as butane or propane and some wind and waterproof camping lighters.

  1. Dinnerware and food containers

Some people take disposable paper dinnerware, but this is not environmentally friendly and creates a lot of trash. Of course, you do not want to pack heavy and breakable crockery, so reusable plastic dinnerware and containers are more convenient, eco-friendlier, and more cost-effective.

  1. Cast-iron cookware

Cookware should be cast-iron because it is durable and retains a lot of heat. A skillet is the best purchase you can make because of its versatility. You can use a skillet or a stainless-steel pot to cook almost anything.

  1. Kettle and collapsible water container

Lots of camping meals require water, e.g. potatoes, rice, and pasta, and you will probably want hot drinks at some point, so a collapsible container you can refill is a must. Most campsites have a communal tap so you can refill your container. However, it may not be the best water for drinking, so it is best to take bottled water with you. On the topic of hot drinks and hot water for washing up after meals, you will also need a stainless-steel kettle. 

  1. Utensils

In addition to knives and forks, you should also take a set of cooking utensils. Some of the most useful include a ladle, slotted spoon, cheese grater, tongs, colander, spatula, tin opener, and scissors. You might also want to take a cutting board and some sharp knives with protective sheaths.

  1. Hot pad and heatproof gloves

To protect your hands while cooking you will need heatproof gloves, as well as a hot pad which you can place pots and pans on. This will protect your camping table from damage and prevent fires.

  1. Cooler box

Some foods and drinks need to be chilled, and you may want to store some leftovers, so a good-sized cooler box is a great bit of kit to take with you. 

  1. Trash bags and washing-up kit

When the meal is over, it is time to clean up. Take a washing-up tub with liquid soap, some sponges, and cloths to dry with. Every camper with respect for the environment knows that you should leave no trace, so you should also take trash bags so you can tidy up all your waste.