A Guide for Business Owners: 3 Things You Must Do to Create Real Customer Loyalty

If you want your business to enjoy a considerable amount of success and turn over a healthy amount of profit for a sustained period, you must cultivate loyalty within your consumer base. You need to go above and beyond to earn your customers’ trust, as this is the only way you are going to convince them to return to your company time and time again in the future.

There is a plethora of ways you can create real customer loyalty, three of which can be found below.

Be transparent by uploading video content

If you want to create real customer loyalty, you must be transparent in everything that you do. Quite simply, there cannot ever be a time where you hide anything from your consumer base. You must be clear and consider with the message that you convey about your brand, and you must never make promises that you know you won’t be able to keep going forward.

Uploading video content is one of the best things that you can do to be more transparent. This type of content will allow you to showcase everything about your business in real-time, which will ultimately provide your audience with a greater insight into your day-to-day workflow. After seeing you and your employee performing your tasks behind the scenes, your target audience will feel like they know you a lot better and, ultimately, this connection will convince them to bring you their custom time and time again.

When you decide to start uploading videos onto your online platforms and channels, you must take your time when it comes to shooting, editing, and proofing your content. Posting a poorly designed video could do untold amounts of damage to your brand identity, which is why you shouldn’t rush through the creation process. Take advantage of the enterprise-ready standalone online video proofing solution found here at Ziflow, and do your utmost best to optimize each of your videos before you upload them. 

Provide complimentary perks

Consumers love complimentary perks, that much is for certain. They like to feel as if they have gotten a lot for their money, which is why you should go out of your way to provide your customers with extra benefits. 

Here are a few memorable yet inexpensive complimentary perks you can offer to your consumer base:

  • Discounts on your stock
  • Unexpected account upgrades
  • Handwritten notes expressing your gratitude for their custom
  • Give back to causes and charities of their choosing
  • Invest in the community that you live and work in
  • Offer free services during times of economic crises
  • Meet with your customers face-to-face

Keep in contact with your customers

Customer loyalty is difficult to come by and easy to destroy. Even after you’ve cultivated real loyalty, you have to do your utmost best to maintain it over a sustained period. To achieve this, you have to keep in contact with your customers even after you have served them. Thanks to the wonders of web communication, this is now easier to do that ever before. A simple email or social media message every now and again will suffice!