Artificial Intelligence in Business

As it usually happens with innovations, people still find it hard to swallow the term Artificial Intelligence. When they hear this term, the image of a robot with the ability to walk, talk and do their chores for them pops into their heads. Although we still imagine it as a future concept we know nothing about, Artificial Intelligence made its way into our daily lives — our computers, smartphones, cars, as well as many other things we are not aware of.

Indeed, we might not be that far from the truth. A few years ago, the only way to get in touch with AI was through some of the big and wealthy corporations that had enough money to invest in this kind of thing. Although the basic concept of Artificial Intelligence originated in 1956, it definitely took some time to integrate into mainstream society and become real and ready to use.

Today, business people from all areas of life are putting their trust in Artificial Intelligence solving their business problems. The IT sector of every company is relying on AI in every part of the planet. 

Not to mention that well-developed countries, like Australia, are investing a lot of money in introducing Artificial Intelligence into their business. They tend to motivate people to make a business move assuring them they can get answers to any of their AI questions through platforms such as business IT support Perth.

Artificial Intelligence is used in many ways. It can help automate work processes, detect fraud, increase sales, improve customer experience and analyze any data in a few seconds. Here you can find a few examples of the use of AI in modern society business.

How Different Industries Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been used in almost every industry you can imagine. Moreover, not only has it become a part of all the industries, but it has also become a must for the ones who want to stay competitive on the market.

Let us start with something we are all familiar with to help us bind more to this still scientific term. Since you are reading this text, that means you have an electronic device. It doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone or Android, or simply a laptop, all of them have a virtual assistant installed and ready to help you. For Apple, there is Siri, while for Amazon, we have Alexa. Even Microsoft has one named Cortana.

All these assistants are using AI-based algorithms with a goal to make your life easier in any way they can. It’s like you have your own personal assistant. Maybe you are still not into using this to its full potential, but with the busy tempo of our lives, it will inevitably become a part of your future.

Moving on, we will show you how some other industries benefit from Artificial Intelligence. Let’s look at medicine and the tools this industry could use to enhance the process of healing. AI is very useful when it comes to analyzing any data and quickly presenting the result, which is in medicine called diagnostics.

According to the input, AI can combine the patient’s current symptoms, genetics, previous medical records, and even image data to give the most accurate analysis and recommend a treatment.

Then we have the automotive industry where Artificial Intelligence is commonly used without us realizing it. If you stepped on the gas pedal without fastening your seat belt, the car will give you a signal to do it, both visually and audibly. The same goes for turning on the lights, shutting the doors and many other things depending on the car type and age.

Like this was not enough help, Artificial Intelligence came up with a concept of self-driving cars. It is not so widely spread yet, but if everything goes as planned, you will be able to get in a car, turn on the auto-mode and do your makeup on your way to work. Cool, right?

Finally, there is the area of economics and finances that uses Artificial Intelligence to keep all the data under control, make workers’ lives easier and decrease the chances of fraud.

Will Robots Replace Humans?

With Artificial Intelligence developing so fast, people can’t help but wonder if they will be replaced by robots in the future.

Experts are sure that this is not going to happen due to the robot’s inability to think as a human being. With constant improvement, robots will be able to process a vast amount of information, but we will always need a mind to stand behind it all.