Balancing Your Job and Raising a Family

You love your job and your family, and you commit yourself to both every day. However, sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed or life throws you a curve that upsets the delicate balance. The good news is that there are many moms just like you that do both, and successfully. Listed below are a few tips on ways to balance a full-time job, raise your family and tend to your finances. 

Taking Care of Unexpected Expenses 

Raising children can sometimes come with unexpected medical expenses such as an injury while playing outdoors. This can lead to stress in all directions. You worry about your child and then about another bill. While you have insurance, in many cases, you have a large deductible to meet first, which means you’ll most likely have a substantial balance to pay on your own. Thankfully, if you don’t have the money to pay it, you can apply for a personal medical loan online and pay it off in low monthly payments. 


The mornings can be quite hectic, especially with having children to dress and ready for school or a babysitter. A great way to save valuable time is to do a lot of work the night before. Making school lunches, gathering book bags and laying out the children’s clothing are all things you can do before heading off to bed. This way when you get up you’ll have time for your cup of coffee before you have to leave. 

Plan Meals for the Week 

Another great timesaver is to plan your meals for each week over the weekend. You can use part of a Saturday morning to food shop for your supplies and even bake a few casseroles and freeze them so that dinner is on the table shortly after you arrive home from work. 

Family Schedule 

With a busy household, it’s easy to forget an important event or appointment. Posting a schedule on the wall will help you to keep track of things like children’s afterschool sports and activities, parent/teacher conferences, and doctor’s appointments. 

Stay in the Loop 

One way to keep your focus on your work is to remain in contact with your family. There’s nothing worse than a mind racing with many thoughts about what your children may be up to. Thankfully, technology now provides a way for you to monitor your family and your pets, even when you are not around. Installing a high-tech security system will put your mind at ease. 

Delegating Duties 

While you may feel you can do it all, you simply can’t. Running a household and occupying a fulltime job will consume all of your time and eventually build resentment. Instead, learn how to delegate some of the duties, like the vacuuming, the laundry, and the dishes. It will make your children responsible and teach them valuable life lessons on what it takes to run a household. 

Interact with Your Family 

By relieving some of your duties, you are now freeing up time that you can spend with your family. Instead of Sunday dedicated to a home overhaul, you can now plan fun activities. Take a trip to the beach, ride your bikes on a trail or visit a museum. Family time is essential to the health and well-being off every member of your family. 

Take a Breather

You need downtime just the same as everyone else. And, there’s nothing wrong with blocking out a half hour each day as a mental break. Once the break ends you’ll feel relaxed and energized, allowing you to be a better mother and spouse. You love your family and enjoy working for the income and the ability to be productive. It’s ok to ask others for help to achieve your goals and to shift some of the burdens from you so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.