Best decor for offices 2022

When welcoming your workers back into the office, whether it is two, 10 or 100, you want to make sure that they are coming into a clean and organized space so that they can settle in easily and do the best for your business while overcoming any back to work anxiety. Here are some of the best choices that you can make for your business’s office, big or small, to help your workers concentrate and feel at home in the new year. 

#1 Shelving units

Shelving units will help your workforce stay organized and ready for the day ahead of them. There is nothing better than having custom-fit shelves for your office space to make sure that your team has all of their things neatly organized and with plenty of space for filing and the mountain of other paperwork that every business seems to generate. 

Being organized and knowing where things are can be part of making your team more confident in their work, as they will just be able to sit down and work on it instead of wasting time having to look all over the office for one bit of paperwork that they need to complete a small task. With that in mind, investing some time to read more about custom shelving units could be considered time well spent. 

#2 Standing desks

We all know the phrase: sitting is the new smoking. Sitting is just so ingrained in our working lives that we tend to bat it aside. But if you actually do a lot of research, you might find that it is wise to offer standing desks to some of your workers and work on a rotatory system, so sometimes people will be standing and sometimes they will be sitting. This can be a good way to encourage better overall health in your workplace, and holding a small meeting about the change to build up awareness and enthusiasm might, again, be a good idea. 

#3 Indoor plants

Important: Before you do this, you should ensure that none of your employees have any allergies to specific plants

Indoor plants can be a great way to liven up any indoor space and can help your team really enjoy the environment that they work in. Having a policy where each department has a plant that they are in charge of taking care of can be a great way to encourage a community spirit within workgroups and can also act as cute little mascots if your team is willing to involve the plants in their departments that much. This can prove to be great fun for all of your team, and if they are in the spirit of it, it can help build bonds too. 

#4 Use Blinds instead of Curtains

Using blinds instead of curtains can be something that is likely to benefit your workers. Curtains can hold a lot of dust, are expensive to maintain, expensive to clean, and can even attract moths. Blinds, although expensive upfront, can be easily cleaned, taken down, and repaired, as well as allowing airflow and not keeping in the heat. This can be a really good way to help your workers work by natural light too, as this can be beneficial to their eyes which will reduce tiredness and eyestrain.