Creating a Family-friendly Backyard: A Guide

Creating a Family-friendly Backyard: A Guide 

Install secure fencing

It is essential that your backyard is secure to ensure that your young children and any pets you have cannot wander off to find mischief elsewhere. This will also prevent the neighbors’ dogs from getting onto your property. You do not have to make the space a jail cell, as fencing in Edwardsville is available in a vast range of styles and colors, so you can choose an attractive and fun fence that the children will love. 

Create zones

If you have adults, children, and pets all vying for space, consider creating zones to keep different activities separate. For example, you could have an area of decking where adults can relax in the sunshine and a lawn area bordered by a low hedge or fence where children and pets can run and play. You could also create an area of wilderness with plants and flowers that will attract wildlife to teach the children about nature. 

Build raised flowerbeds and planters

Whether you want to grow flowers, fruit, or vegetables, doing so in the ground means that they are at risk of being trodden on when children and animals are playing. Instead, use raised beds and/or sturdy flowerpots to protect them. Visit Good Housekeeping for how to build a DIY raised flowerbed.

Create a private area

If neighbors overlook your yard, it can feel that you have no privacy. To create areas where you can relax, eat, and drink together as a family, you can plant hedges and trees or build privacy walls from trellis or bamboo screens. This also creates some great places for children to hide and play their imaginary games, and hedges and trees will provide the perfect living space for birds and critters.

Make it usable all year round

Sometimes the weather can prevent us from enjoying our yards all year round, but there is a way to maximize your use of the garden. Building a summer house, pergola, or install awning against the house will provide shelter from the sun in the summer. A similar structure can also provide protection from wind and rain. To use the space in the evening, install some magical fairy lights and lanterns to light the space. A fire pit could provide warmth and excitement for the children in the winter. 

Choose used furniture

Rather than spending lots of money on brand new furniture that you will be worried about the kids or pets damaging, buy second-hand. There are many websites where you can find quality used items at significantly cheaper prices, and you will feel able to focus on enjoying the space rather than worrying about dirt or scratches.