Creating an Outdoor Dining Area That You Can Enjoy All Year Round

How often do you eat outdoors in the summertime? Most of us try to do it as much as we can, whether it’s BBQs with our friends or lunchtime picnics with our kids. There’s something so wonderful about eating outdoors; it’s relaxing, you are more likely to eat healthier, fresher foods, you’ll take your time, and somehow, things seem to taste better when eaten in the fresh air. Then, fall hits, we pack our outdoor furniture away, close the door, and start eating all of our meals inside again. 

It’s easy to see why we do this. No one wants to be trying to enjoy a meal when we’re cold or trying to stop our dinner from blowing away in the wind. But it doesn’t rain every day, it’s certainly not always windy, and there are still so many benefits to eating, and entertaining outdoors, whatever the weather. With a few clever additions, you can easily create an outdoor dining area that you can enjoy all year. 

Start at the Bottom

You’re not going to want to picnic on the lawn in the middle of winter. Even on milder days, your grass could be muddy and damp. So, consider creating outdoor entertainment areas with the help of Outdoor Living Inc, such as a dining space with a weatherproof deck. A deck is the perfect place to put your table and chairs when the weather is less than ideal. 

Add a Cover

Decking is great, but it won’t keep you dry. Add a cover to your decking so that you can enjoy your morning coffee or evening meal outdoors, even when it rains.

Get Weatherproofing

If you are going to spend more time outdoors in the winter, you will want your garden to look its best, and avoid weather damage. Treat any wood with weatherproofing paint or varnish to protect it from bad weather. Anything that can’t be protected consider putting away for the wet season. 

Lock it Down

Wind can be a problem if you have lighter furniture or other outdoor goods. When there’s a storm coming, make sure you can either strap things down or move them indoors easily. 

Consider Heating Options

You’ll never enjoy your meal if you are wearing that many layers that you can barely move your arms. So, consider heating. An outdoor heater pointing towards your table and chairs can be an effective way to warm things up, but you may want to add to the atmosphere with blankets, cushions and other soft furnishings. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

Remember, as the weather turns, we also start to get less sunlight. In the winter, it can be dark by 4 pm, and on particularly gray days, it often feels as though it never gets light. Add solar lights to your outdoor space and consider candles for a romantic and cozy atmosphere. 

Being able to use your garden all year round opens up the opportunity to entertain, as well as giving you the chance to get more fresh air. So, stop wasting your outdoor space, and start getting more use out of it even in wintertime.