Does Your Business Need GPS Tracking?

Being able to know where your vehicles are is a very important and helpful idea when you run a business. By using GPS tracking for business vehicles, you can streamline your workload, keep tabs on your drivers and even make your business greener. Here are a few of the many benefits of this technology:

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and receivers can be used to track locations of objects, from phones to vehicles. GPS tracking in vehicles can be very useful in businesses, as it can allow for the locations of drivers to be known by installing trackers in the vehicle itself. Geotab is a commercial telematics vendor that can help improve your business, increase safety and sustainability and boost productivity. They have solutions for a wide range of industries, so you can find a product that works best for you and your business.


Vehicle telematics allows for the exchange of information between vehicles and a central location. By installing a small GPS tracking device in your business vehicles, you can keep track of their locations, regardless of the number of vehicles in your fleet. 

Fleet Management

By using fleet management software, you can see all driver and vehicle information in one place online. Route optimization is one benefit of this, as you can plan routes around any traffic issues, and communicate them to your drivers. This can help make your business more productive and sustainable, as gas won’t be wasted on needless journeys, and your drivers will be able to complete their tasks and journeys more efficiently.


This is a huge part of any business. It is important to keep everyone as safe as possible at all times. GPS tracking systems can assist with this. Geotab can also provide dash cameras for vehicles, which can record driver habits and keep a visual record of any incidents. Dash cameras may also provide driver coaching and detect distracted driving.


The environmental impact of your fleet on the planet could also be reduced by using a GPS tracking system. They can provide data analysis and insights in these areas, and also allow you to plan routes and prevent wasted journeys, or needlessly long ones. You could also even swap your current vehicle style for an EV fleet. These are Electric Vehicles, which rely on electricity to run, rather than gas. This reduces their harmful exhaust emissions and reduces pollution.


By being able to manage your fleet from one place, you can optimize routes, plan maps, and communicate quickly and efficiently with your team. This can boost the productivity of your business, as vehicles can arrive faster, and drivers can carry out their tasks more efficiently. Drivers can also make you aware of any issues or problems, and a solution can be reached quickly. Improving communication is a great way to improve your business overall and investing in GPS tracking systems and telematic solutions can assist with this greatly.