Dressing to Impress: The Male Guide to First Date Attire

You’ve built up the courage to ask that special person on a date and they said yes, and now you couldn’t be more excited. However, the big day rolls around and it suddenly dawns on you that you have nothing to wear. If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together several style guidelines to help you out. 

The Type of Date

Before choosing what to wear, you need to think about where you’re meeting. Are you grabbing coffee? Going for a meal? Heading to a fancy bar? Dressing for the occasion is important, and you can guarantee your date will be putting careful thought into matching their fit with the location. Aligning your style with the venue will make sure you’re on the same page as that special someone. 

Making Sure it Fits

It doesn’t matter what your budget is – your clothes need to fit. You don’t want to draw your date’s attention with a skin-tight or baggy outfit. Instead, you should aim to feel comfortable with clothes that fit your body properly. The clothes you wear should hug your body but allow you to move, so visit a store like Burrows & Hare if you need to upgrade your wardrobe. 

The Finer Details Count

Small details count when you’re making first impressions, so make sure you’re paying attention before you leave the house. For example, is your shirt ironed? How many buttons will you leave undone? Getting the finer details right will boost your confidence and will ensure you make a fantastic first impression. 

Styling Rules to Follow

When you’re putting your outfit together, there are certain rules you should follow to ensure you hit the mark. Firstly, when it comes to colour, neutral or dark colours will help your overall look feel sophisticated – think navy, white, black, or grey. Avoiding flamboyant patterns helps steer the conversation away from your clothes. 

Secondly, accessories have the power to bring your whole outfit together. For example, a stylish watch that doesn’t have to cost a fortune will bring an air of sophistication to your attire. Make sure you match the watch to the occasion; for example, metal straps look good for a high-end meal and sporty straps will work for a daytime meetup. 

Finishing touches are important, so make sure you’ve polished your shoes and run the lint roller over your clothes. As well as this, you can add a dash of your favourite fragrance, but make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Styling No-Nos

There are a few straight-up no’s when it comes to first dates, but we’ll keep it brief with this short list:

  • Open-toe shoes. Just no.
  • Hoodies. Choose fitted sweaters instead. 
  • Ties. You’re not going to a business meeting. 
  • Sunglasses and hats indoors. This will make you look shady. 
  • Busy patterns. Outlandish patterns will be distracting. 

Dressing for a first date can be challenging because a lot is riding on making a great first impression, but aim to keep it fitted, use neutral colours, and remember to pay attention to the finer details.