Essentials for your winter wardrobe

Summer is officially over and the chilly months are ahead. Winter is a great time to hibernate and stay under the covers, but in reality, life must go on. 

But winter doesn’t have to be all about wearing oversized hoodies and covering up your figure. There is still plenty of opportunity to flaunt your stuff and keep your personality on display

If you want to continue feeling as fabulous as a summer’s day feels, here are the essentials you need to add to your winter wardrobe for this season. Invest now, and you’ll be set for life. 

Tulip Jumpers

Ladies plus size clothing can often be really unflattering: They’ll have standard necklines, loose fits and very little choice. Tulip jumpers are a great staple for just about any woman, as they have a form-flattering neckline that cups all the right places. 

The style is trendy and comfortable, meaning you can feel confident on your way to work, or heading into town. 

A long coat

Depending on where you live, you could be exposed to some pretty harsh weather, which is why a long winter coat is so important. You need something stylish, but practical. It might even be a good idea to get a long formal coat, and a hooded jacket for when the rain starts to pour. 

It’s important to consider materials for your coat, too. Waterproof coats are very rarely comfortable for all day wear – especially when they get wet. A wool or cord style on the other hand will be warm and cozy. Duffles and macs are definitely the way to go. You can always layer up with jumpers underneath, too. 

Peplum tops and tunics

Peplum tops are great for hiding any problem areas when wearing skirts or jeans. The flared hem creates a figure-hugging waist that looks lovely on any body shape. To add personality to your look, choose a peplum that has oversized sleeves or a square neckline. Just remember, you’ll likely need to be able to fit the sleeves into a cardigan or jumper!

These tops are great for running errands in, matched with a pair of leggings, or dressed up for a night on the town with skinny jeans or a body-con skirt.


Is there anything better than a cape? Rather than sticking to the typically winter coat, capes give you the freedom to move around easily while also staying nice and cozy. There are plenty of different styles available, as they are pieces are gaining popularity. Find a block color cape and you’ll instantly add the wow-factor to your wardrobe.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts work for both summer and winter, so should be a staple for any time of year. In the winter, polo shirts offer a nice collared finish to jumpers, while in the summer they look just as good with shorts. 

Lace up boots

A good pair of leather boots is a key part of your winter capsule wardrobe. When properly taken care of, boots can last a lifetime, so they’re certainly worth investing in. Boots work great for a long walk in the countryside, or even just day to day. 

With the right footwear, and a good selection of flattering tops and coats, you’re set for your best winter yet. Pumpkin spiced latte, anyone?