Facebook – Music Stories New Timeline Feature

Sometimes I hear stories that Facebook’s popularity will die down one day. Well, there are so many other social sites coming up every day but none has achieved even half popularity that Facebook has. The secret has been keeping pace with technological changes. Facebook has been the first to bring forth hi-tech products and services and it is never going down any time soon. Recently, Facebook rolled out a feature that will make it easier to post, discover and share music on its social site. Already there are multiple mobile apps that will enable you to post and share your favourite music but this new feature, music stories, will be like updating your timeline with an oral or pictorial comment.

I know you must be asking, what is the ‘Music Story’? I will give you a summary of what it is all about.

What is Facebook Music Story?

This is an iOS app that will enable you share the music you like with friends on your Facebook timeline. You will be able to create new post on the music you are listening from Spotify or Apple music. Your friends will have a chance to preview and if they like add to their favourite list or make the purchase.

How it works

· If you are listening to music on Spotify or Apple music on your mobile gadget, you can open the share menu

· Go to your Facebook iOS app and starting composing a post on your timeline. Paste the link of the song or album you are listening to.

· A preview of the song/album will be updated on your timeline as well your friend’s Facebook feeds

· They will have a chance to preview the music. Your post will have a 30-second preview for your friends to decide whether they also want to listen to the same music. They can like or click on the link to purchase the music.

Why you should have it

· It is a new feature that has taken music sharing to a higher level

· It is an instant and an easy way to let your friends know what you are listening

· So far, it supports music from iTunes, Spotify and Apple music but Facebook has announced an expansion to the number of music streaming services.

· You have the power to share music to your Facebook without leaving the iOS app and that is not only convenient but also safes your time with moving from one site to the other.