Five Ways to Add Personality to Your Minimalist Home

If you are a fan of the minimalist look but want to ensure your home still represents your style and interests, read on! Minimalism isn’t about having less – it is the balance between streamlined design, a cohesive colour palette and an orderly layout. Your minimalist home can still stand out from the crowd with a few key pieces that become the focal points of each room.


A mirror can be both beautiful and practical and is an ideal feature to show your personality. Simple designs are often in keeping with the minimalist look but that doesn’t need to mean boring. If your furniture is angular, opt for a square or rectangular frame but add a pop of colour by choosing a bright frame. Consider distinctive designs and whether you want to wall mount or choose a modern, freestanding design.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an ideal way to stamp your personality on a minimalist home. A few carefully selected cushions can be the finishing touch for a lounge or a textured throw a way to give a bedroom depth and warmth. The great thing about soft furnishings is that they are easy to change and can be inexpensive, meaning it’s an option for all budgets. If your home is in neutral shades, these are ideal ways to add a pattern and give a flavour of what makes you tick.

Original Furniture

High street brands can be convenient and are particularly attractive to anyone looking for affordable furniture but the choices available can be limited. For iconic designs, unusual shapes and quality items that will ensure your home has a classic look, ligne roset furniture is a great alternative. Their contemporary designs complete any minimalist home and are a popular choice because they are also a sustainable, ethical company.

Feature Walls or Block Colour

A minimalist home doesn’t need to be devoid of colour. A feature wall with eye-catching wallpaper can be a stylish backdrop to a carefully curated room. Dark walls reminiscent of the Victorian era are still popular with inky blues and emerald greens bringing depth to a room but lighter regency shades are also enjoying a renaissance. Blush pinks and peachy hues are great for adding warmth to a room and look fabulous with warm golds or wood. Add a pop of colour to your ceiling to stay on top of the latest trends.

Statement Lighting

The lighting you choose can have a big impact on the overall style of a room. Simple uplighters which blend into a room might seem a good choice, but if you want to show your personality and add a touch of individual flair to a room, a lamp can be the perfect way to go. Or why not make a statement with a bold lightshade?

However you choose to showcase your personality, remember that décor is supposed to be fun – nothing you decide on can’t be changed in the future so go wild and bring your style!