Four Planning Tips for Businesses Working Remotely

As remote working and working from home become less of a privilege and more of a ‘new normal’, it’s time to consider how you can best collaborate and plan when you’re rarely occupying the same space as your employees. Where once you could make sweeping announcements to your team from the office, you now need to find ways to adequately collaborate and communicate over cyberspace. In this article, you’ll learn four ways you can do this effectively, ensuring that remote working doesn’t slow the pace of your plans in the future.

Regular Calls

Using one of the many video conferencing apps available to businesses is something that your teams should be doing at least once a day. Even if your workers are well aware of their responsibilities for any given day, it’s still worth checking in with them with a call, as a team, or individually, to understand what they might be missing, what they might require to help them work better, or what information they might need from another department. Regular calls are a chance to share small alterations to plans and to keep your team working hard each and every day.


When you’re working remotely, time seems to work differently. It’s harder to keep track of your objectives and your staff can reach the impression that your past goals are now swept away in favor of a more flexible and forgiving working schedule. In order to get back on track after the ravages of COVID-19, it’s worth setting up some roadmaps to help you remain on the same page with your staff. You can use product development software to help you get there and map out your new product lines and plans for development online. 

Collaborative Work

Meanwhile, many of your workers will be used to collaborating in some way when they’re in the office. This is a huge part of a worker’s life as it involves showing work to a colleague who offers feedback and pointers, as well as a deadline. 

All of these facilities are lost when you’re working remotely, but services such as Slack and other team collaboration platforms can help you to remain on top of news and to collaborate as thoroughly as you can over cyberspace. Remember that everyone is still adjusting to this ‘new normal’, but you can help your team work better, faster, and smarter by using collaboration software to guide your work.

Fast-Track Communications

A conference call is not always the best way to communicate with your team. Sometimes, you’ll just have a tiny fragment of news or feedback for your team members and to deliver this over a call might seem a little over the top. Nonetheless, it’s important that you get such messages through to your staff quickly by setting up an alternative communications platform. Whether it’s instant messaging or internal emails, it will help you communicate fast with your staff. Make sure your workers know how often to check their emails to have your messages read promptly after you’ve sent them. 

These four tips will help you plan better in an age when employees are increasingly working from home.