Four tips for hosting a fun Easter gathering

Easter is the most important festival for Christians. In addition to this, is an opportunity for people to relax and catch up with the family to enjoy and celebrate the new life of Spring and the coming warmer months. Celebrating Easter might be especially important in 2021, as it will provide for many people the first opportunity in many months to socialize with family and friends due to covid restrictions. If you are throwing a celebration for Easter, read on to discover four tips for hosting a fun Easter gathering. 

  1. Prepare your garden

To comply with local covid guidance, you might want to host your party in your back garden. In theory, this would be ideal: it would be a warm and sunny day, enabling your guests to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. However, as this may very well not be the case, you should prepare your garden with contingency plans to ensure that your guests are comfortable whatever the weather and your Easter party is not ruined. Put a gazebo up to shelter your outside table and chairs from any passing showers and consider investing in an outside heater. These two pieces of equipment will ensure that your guests remain warm and dry during your Easter celebration.

  1. Drinks

Drinks are a key component in any party. A selection of delicious soft drinks will satisfy kids and those who do not wish to drink alcohol; in addition to Coca-Cola and orange juice, you could also have sophisticated soft drinks on hand, such as Shloer. For guests who are in the mood for a tipple, make sure that you have a variety of alcoholic beverages on hand. You might like to consider pairing a bottle of wine with your main course. A wine delivery service like Drinks House 247, found at, will deliver your chosen bottles to your front door on the same day of ordering. 

  1. Food

Provide your guests with a delicious Easter meal that they will be salivating for. You might choose to cook a traditional menu, consisting of dishes like roast lamb and Simnel cake. Alternatively, you could experiment with offering different flavors while taking advantage of the fresh, seasonal ingredients available in Spring. Of course, you will have to save room for chocolate Easter eggs, especially for the children – and some sweet-toothed adults!

  1. Entertainment

If your Easter gathering includes children, you could organize a fun Easter egg hunt for them. Hide chocolate Easter eggs of various sizes around your garden and set the kids off to hunt for them – making sure that everyone finds an equal number of eggs to avoid any tears! You could also provide them with other fun Easter crafts, such as decorating a traditional Easter bonnet. As for the adults at your party, you could set the scene for a relaxing gathering with easy listening to background music. Then, when people are in the mood for a dance, change to a disco playlist.