Fun Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Kick

If you’re looking to bring some new life to your kitchen and make it look both modern and fashionable, then there are a number of steps you can take to help it on its way. This article aims to highlight a handful of these methods.

Get Some Sleek Counters

One of the most visually impactful aspects of any kitchen lies in appearance of your kitchen counters. These spaces set the tone for the room and also its boundaries, creating the sense of what you would call your kitchen. Depending on the style you want there are a wide range of options available to you for counters in your kitchen, but if you are going for the sleek, futuristic style that speaks to clean efficiency and elegant design, then there are some specific styles of counter that will best match this approach. 

Most marble counters are a good place to start as their natural appearance lends themselves well to this style, plus they tend to come in a glossy style, which is all but mandatory to achieving that elegant futuristic look. The color of the counters you go for is dependent largely on what you want from the color scheme for the room, but black or white marble are good choices when it comes to the futuristic style.

Invest in an Induction Hob

Another fantastic way to give this space that sleek appearance is to do away with any kind of gas hob, which itself naturally looks quite rustic and gruff, and instead have an induction hob installed. These cooking surfaces are powered electrically and are made of sleek, reinforced glass and heating elements, which lends itself naturally to the appearance of an elegant futuristic style.

Install New Shutters

A quick and simple way to give the room a little class is to invest in some new shutters for your kitchen windows. By installing new shutters, such as reclaimed wood shutters, you give your kitchen a sleek new style and even allow more light into the space, which will play off your new countertops nicely.

Spring for Some Fancy Kitchen Tech

If you want to help further the futuristic style of your kitchen, then one of the most surefire methods to do so is to invest in some new and useful technology for your kitchen. There are a few fun options for the incorporation of this tech:

A Virtual Assistant 

If you truly want to push home the elegant futuristic vibe, then installing a virtual assistant, such as the Echo Dot, in your kitchen can be a very effective way to do this. Not only does the existence of a voice controlled VI in your kitchen bring the style of the room right up, it also features several helpful functions to help with the operation of your standard kitchen.

New Fridge 

A sleek new fridge can help to incorporate every aspect of your kitchen into your new style and ensure nothing detracts from it.


Similarly, installing a new dishwasher will help you to make sure that it is in keeping with the style of the room.

Food Processors 

Food processors are one of the most useful pieces of kitchen tech out there and they also look very advanced, which means they will fit right in to your kitchen’s style.

By incorporating this tech into your kitchen, you can truly seal the deal and ensure the room has a solid, futuristic style.