How to create a summer garden to be proud of

When summer arrives and the sun comes out to play, it’s great to get out in the garden. Whether it’s to relax in the sun or spend some time tending to flower beds, it can relieve stress and make you feel invigorated. If your garden has become slightly unkempt or perhaps needs a new lease of life, there are many things you can do to jazz it up a bit. Here are some ideas on how to create a summer garden to be proud of.

A place to socialise and relax

Whether you intend having friends round for barbeques or fancy spending lots of time relaxing with a good book this summer, a comfortable and luxurious seating area is a must. If you are having a patio or deck installed, situate it in where your garden gets the most sun. If you want shade from time to time, you can always put up a gazebo. Bright furniture with lots of cushions will create a real summer vibe and outdoor lighting can drastically change the mood of a garden. Hundreds of fairy lights attached to boundary fencing panels will look amazing at night, and solar uplighters placed around the garden will accentuate planting and flowers.

If you are looking for seating that’s a bit different, why not put up a hammock or two. They are a great addition to any garden in the summer when wanting to take a nap or read a book. Egg chairs are another good option if you want to sit and watch the world go by. 

If you fancy having a private garden retreat and you have the space to accommodate it, a summer house can be a marvelous addition. Many people add power and light and make them into a  TV room for the kids or a craft room. Summer houses can be decorated with window boxes, bunting and lighting to give a real summery feel.

Adding sound and scent to your garden

Sound and scent can add to the summery feel you want to achieve for your garden. The sound of birds chirping in the morning is really beautiful and can be very relaxing. If you want to attract birds to your garden, bird feeders are a good idea. Do some research into the best place to locate the feeders, as well as how to maintain them and keep them clean. Birds eat insects, and so adding insect-friendly plants will also encourage them to visit.

Another way to add sounds to your garden is by having outdoor water features installed. The sound of flowing or trickling water can be very enjoyable to listen to and is heavily used within the ASMR community due to the way it relaxes and soothes the mind. There are many different water features available in both contemporary and more traditional styles, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to suit your taste.

Scented flowers, plants, and herbs can add an extra sensory dimension to your garden. Not only can you see beautiful flowers but you can smell them too. Some are more powerful than others, so it’s important not to plant too many in the same area. Do some research into which plants scent in which season so you can enjoy the wonderful smells all year round. Everyone has preferences in terms of smells so have a wander around your local garden centre and see what kicks your senses into touch.

Adding some summer colors

Whilst lighting and accessories can add color and warmth to your summer garden, the best and most authentic way is through planting. You can create an absolute work of art if you carefully plan what you are going to plant and where. It’s important to consider this in advance as flowers and plants grow and blossom at different times of the year. Aster are a daisy-like flower which bloom during summer and throughout the fall so they are a great choice. Dahlia bloom in a range of different colours during summer and, if cut, will stay alive in a vase for a very long time. 

Planting flowers in pots and planters is a great idea. They can be easily tended to or replaced when necessary and moved around if desired. Creating a raised border around your garden and adding lots of different coloured pots filled with beautiful flowers can make a real statement. A rainbow of stunning flowers for your amazing summer garden will be there for everyone to enjoy.