How To Design A Decadent And Antique Living Room

One of the most comfortable, decadent, and altogether luxurious design frameworks for a warm, tranquil, and inviting living room is to plan an authentically vintage and antique aesthetic.

When sourcing antique furnishings and fittings, the more unique, striking, and eccentric the piece, the better—as the beauty of antique design is that mismatched items are entirely in keeping with the style. Here are some of the key features of an antique living room.

Antique Fireplaces

There is a plethora of benefits to genuine, fully functional, restored antique fireplaces—not least the level of grandeur, style, and decadence that such a unique and beautiful piece adds to your home. 

As well as having a timeless appearance (and not to mention being a beautiful and stunning focal point of your living room), not only do antique fireplaces add considerable value to your property, but they also create a welcoming, comfortable, and incredibly homely atmosphere for both you, your family, and your guests.

Window Dressings

Naturally in keeping with an antique design, your living room windows should be dressed with pole-to-floor, extra-long curtains—and the more texture and weight to the curtain material, the better. Window seats are a fabulously antique-styled way of dressing your window, providing your windows are wide enough and that the addition of a high-backed ornate chair is sure not to block out too much light.

In terms of color themes in keeping with the antique style, choose muted blues such as teal, mint, or a soft navy, and ensure you also include detailed, fringed curtain ties to finish off your antique living room’s windows.

Wooden Flooring

Where possible and if your budget allows, to truly give your living room an authentically antique style, invest in reclaimed and restored antique wooden panels for the whole of the floor. The darker the antique wood, the more effective the finished result will be, and be sure to purchase some good-quality wood stain and cleaning materials to keep your new antique flooring looking its absolute best.

In addition, you should invest in a large, antique rug to position in the very center of the room; ideally, an ornate, delicately designed, and high-quality product that is rectangular in shape rather then circular. 

Statement Furniture

Statement furniture pieces such as art deco-style chairs with a high back, and curved, ornate legs serve to bring the different antique elements in your living room together. Brightly colored sofas work best, but ensure you choose a sedated, autumnal-themed color over bright greens, yellows, and reds. Think lilacs, maroons, burgundies, and browns and be sure to accessorize with plenty of spherical cushions. 

In terms of statement lighting pieces, choose deep, golden lamps with creams or pastel-pinks, or purple velour lampshades in a traditional, bucket-shaped style. 

Whilst planning and redesigning your living room to contain a quality, antique aesthetic and feel, it would be pertinent to search the internet for related antique design blogs to give you accurate and attainable goals and ideas to bring your antique living room to life.