How to Have Lots of Fun on a Rainy Day

Who said rainy days can’t be fun? Rainy days also have a lot of potential when you know exactly which activities you can get your children involved in. Whether it’s organising indoor games or braving it outside for some drizzling ‘singing in the rain’ moments, there’s an array of activities to help keep your kids busy on a rainy day. 

Given that we’re all aware of how unpredictable the weather is in the UK, there is no harm in trying to take the positive out of rainy days. 

It might sound unusual to some people, but kids can get very creative on rainy days. With a kids waterproof jacket and rainboots on, there is nothing that can stop their imagination. That is the adorable thing about kids; they don’t need expensive planned activities to have a good time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many ways you could have fun with the kids on a rainy day. 

Get the board games out 

When the heavens open and it is dreadful outside, get some board games out and be ready to have some fun. You’ll be surprised about how a fun day could come out of playing an old board game and challenging the kids. Rainy day Monopoly anyone?

Bake if off

Nothing beats the feeling of having a sweet treat at the end of an activity. Kids normally enjoy getting their hands dirty, so putting up your very own Bake Off at home could be a smart idea to turn a rainy day into a fun one in the house. You could bake cookies, baked squares, cupcakes, and more. 

Create an indoor treasure hunt 

Put together a master plane, hide some cheeky clues around the house and engage both the older and the younger kids. You could prepare a matchbox for everyone to fill, set a time and send everyone off to find as many treasures as possible. 

Set up an indoor camping 

Kids love camping, so if a rainy day is stopping you from having one, why not camp in the living room? Using blankets, throws, chairs and sofas, you can get the kids to build a tent or a castle and encourage them to get creative using whatever they fancy. 

Puddle jumping 

A rainy day doesn’t mean you and the kids have to be cooped up inside the house. If there’s just a bit of drizzle, why not head outside anyway for some fun? Get your children to wear their waterproofs and wellies, ready to jump in puddles, toss rocks into them or watch how the rain changes the grass and sand on the ground. 

Get creative drawing 

Drawing could be a fun and unique way to spend a rainy day indoors. Why not get everyone to draw another family member? Then, at the end, you could all spend time looking at your pieces of art. Plus, you’d earn a few more drawings to stick on the fridge. 

Take artistic photos 

Rainy day? No problem. As we said, kids can come up with some pretty creative ideas. If you have a waterproof camera, head outside and enjoy taking some artistic photos. This will not just entertain the kids, but it will also boost their creativity. 

Rainbow hunting 

We’ve all heard the popular saying, “after every storm comes a rainbow”. Well, the next time a rainy day arrives, go searching for a rainbow as soon as it stops.

Catch the rain 

Children can have fun with as little as getting dressed and heading out to catch the rain with their hands, tongue, and feet. 

Family memories  

If you choose to stay indoors on a rainy day, then you could gather the family and spend time leafing through old family photo albums together. Kids love seeing pictures of when they were babies, and some might not even recognize themselves. 

While the weather can be often wet in our country, it’s good to know that a few drops won’t stop children from having fun. The activities we’ve mentioned perfectly suit those who like to stay in the coziness of their home on rainy days as well as the most adventurous ones who like to brave it outside.