How to Host a Garden Party

The summer season is filled with hot days and warm nights and is a time when everyone likes to kick back with a cocktail and enjoy the glorious weather. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with great outdoor space, hosting a garden party is a good way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or even just a bit of fun! Whatever your event, here are some tips on how to host the ultimate garden party. 

Pick a theme

Choosing a theme for your party is a brilliant way to inject some fun into it and can also help plan what kind of food or drink you want to serve. Are you a fan of margaritas? If so, then maybe you can recreate an idyllic resort on the coast and serve up some big favorites like nachos, quesadillas and burritos. Just don’t forget the tequila! 

Utilize your space

Make sure you look at the layout of your backyard, and carefully think about where you could put a drinks station and a food table. You’ll also need to consider where you’ll have seating space for your guests and room for them to get up and dance because every party needs a proper dancefloor! 

Hire Professionals

If you have some cash to splash, then it’s worth looking into hiring some professional services for your event. This could be a catering service or a professional bartender. You can find these services easily online through sites such as You could save yourself a lot of stress by taking the pressure off you to cook up all the food and refilling everyone’s drinks. It’s your party; you should be having fun, too! 

Provide Heating

It might be the summer, but gradually the heat of the day will wear off, and there might be a chill in the air. If you want your guests to stay outside and be comfortable, you should provide a way for them to keep warm. This could involve you hiring out some patio heaters, or having a fire-pit somewhere in your backyard that they can sit around. You can even keep it simple and offer them blankets or throws they can wrap around themselves for later in the night. 


All right parties have some form of entertainment for the guests to enjoy. As the host, think of some activities they can take part in. There’s a range of easy party games you can get them involved in, or perhaps you know someone with some musical talent that can perform for your special night?

Prepare for rain

Nothing kills an outdoor event like bad weather and even if no rain has been forecast that doesn’t mean it won’t sneak up on you. Being prepared in case you are taken by surprise is a must to ensure your guests are kept dry and happy. Either hire or buy a marquee that can be easily put up, and make sure it’s big enough to cover a good portion of your outdoor space so all your guests can fit underneath it comfortably. 

Summertime gets everyone in the mood for some fun, and by following these tips, you will soon become a master at hosting the ultimate garden party! –