How To Look After Work Uniforms

A work uniform is essential in so many different ways. A uniform helps to identify which role you do, helps make you look professional, and helps to protect you in working environments that call for PPE or a specific set of working clothes.

With this in mind, it’s important to always care for your work uniforms in the best way. Caring for them makes sure you’re always protected and always professional. Here is a guide for how you can look after your work uniforms. 

Be Organized with Your Workwear 

To best care for your uniforms, you should get into a good washing and laundering routine. If you don’t set reminders or keep a laundry schedule, you may risk forgetting to wash at the time when it’s most needed. So plan out your week and those days and times when you need to launder your uniform. 

Always Have More Than One

Having a change of uniform is essential so that you’re not relying entirely on the integrity of one or two items in case something should happen to them. You don’t want to feel pressured to have one uniform washed and dried before your next shift begins. 

Having more than one uniform can help you always to keep your uniform clean and protected. Some roles may even call for having one fresh uniform for every day of the week, or perhaps five pairs for the week. Especially if you work in high-demand roles such as healthcare or emergency services, having a clean and professional choice of uniforms at all times is a must. Therefore, you should have more than one supply of medical or nursing clothing if you work in healthcare.

Pay Attention to Fabrics

Different types of fabric will require different sets of care instructions. It’s essential to read, understand, and follow any care instructions you have for your work uniform. Both for the wash and dry cycle, because some fabric may not be suitable for hot machine washing or even being put in the dryer.

Not only that, but certain fabrics are more durable and easier to wash than others, so it may be worth investing more in higher quality fabrics that will stand the test of time (and be able to cope with many washes). 

Take Your Uniform Out of the Washer as Soon as Possible 

To keep your uniform in the best condition, be sure to remove it from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is finished. This can help to maintain the integrity of your uniform and also help to prevent excess creases. 

Dry Naturally 

If possible, line drying in fresh air and sunshine is always preferable to putting your uniform through a machine dryer. Not only will your clothes smell fresher when dried naturally, but it helps to hang them in a better way to avoid creases too. 

Follow these key steps to make sure that your work uniform is always cared for and in top condition.