How to Make the Most Out of Your Spare Bedroom

If your spare bedroom is used solely to hide miscellaneous items that don’t seem to have a place anywhere else at home, then it is about time you repurpose it. Having excess space in the house is a luxury you shouldn’t waste, especially when you can transform it into something much more useful. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most out of an unused bedroom.

Rent it Out

Usually, spare bedrooms are treated as guest rooms and are often furnished and fully equipped. At the very least, you can find a single bed in this neglected room. The only problem is that you rarely get visitors, and so the room ends up gathering dust. If this situation sounds familiar, then why not top up your income and rent out your room? Room Club is a web platform that helps students and young professionals relocate to cities in the UK. You can advertise your room for free on their website, and you also have access to a handy management tool to help you keep on top of everything.

Home Office

With a large number of people working from home, transforming your room into a home office is a productive move. As opposed to a living space that doubles as a work area, a designated home office can help you focus your attention entirely on work. It can be difficult to strike a good home life and work balance when you don’t have an office to work from. Working solely in an office environment can help you disconnect at the end of a working day. A good home office should have a suitable desk and an ergonomic chair. There should also be sufficient light for you to see during the day.

Walk-in Wardrobe

If you have a love for fashion and your wardrobe is constantly stuffed to the brim, then go ahead and treat yourself to a walk-in wardrobe. Owning a personal dressing room can help you keep your bedroom tidy and clutter-free. You can use a walk-in wardrobe to store all of your clothes, jewelry, and accessories and to get dressed if you have the floor space. At a minimum, your walk-in wardrobe should include an open closet with plenty of rails to hang clothes. Organizers and drawers are also useful for storing accessories. However, if you install a fully equipped beauty bar with a multipurpose dressing table and adequate lighting, you can even use the space to apply makeup.

Pet Palace

Homeowners who treat their fur babies as members of the family may want to indulge their pets in their very own pet palace. Furnish the room with comfortable pet beds, blankets, and accessories that are designed for your pet. Their favorite toys should also be included too. Dedicating a room to your pet may seem extravagant, but it actually has a practical purpose. You can use it to keep all of their things together in one place, which is much more convenient than having everything scattered throughout the home.