How to reinvigorate your career with a business from a van

Have you found yourself in a rut whereby you’ve grown tired of your nine ‘til five job and regularly end up counting down the minutes until you can clock off for the day and enjoy something you’re passionate about, such as taking part in your favourite sport? Van Monster has a solution to your problem — get your hands on a van and venture out into a new and exciting career.

The second hand vans retailer has offered a helping hand if you find this to be an intriguing prospect, by creating an infographic which details just some of the options available to you.

For example, business is booming for the street food industry, with the percentage of consumers eating street food increasing to 25% when compared to 20% just two years prior. Serve street food from your very own food van vendor, and you could be serving food to some of the 2.5 billion people around the world who eat street food every day. It is a restaurant trend that everyone wants to get involved in — and you could even give your business a unique touch by catering it towards those involved in sport who are looking for healthy eating options that will give them a boost when in action.

This is just one type of industry that you could tap into by setting up a business from a van. Check out the full infographic below and find even more intriguing career paths that are available for you to venture down on four wheels…