How to Remove a Bees Nest from Your Property

Are you currently furious about a bothersome bees nest living rent-free on your property? As wonderful for the environment as they are, when they turn up in your walls, attic, or garden, they can sometimes make your living arrangements less than ideal.

There are a few ways in which you can take matters into your own hands and remove the hive from your home without hurting the bees, which can be great news for wildlife conservation in a huge range of areas. It is nearly always best to leave it to the professionals, however, but perhaps there are some circumstances where time is of the essence. 

Here are some tips for those of you hoping to rehome your new bees as soon as possible. 


There are over 2000 types of bees in Australia (discovered so far), and not all of them sting, such as the fan-favourite sugar bag – the Tetragonula. 

Identifying the bees can greatly help you in choosing the best method of removal, as some hives can be removed with ease, but for others, it can be a strenuous effort. 

It is worth taking the time to work out whether or not your infestation is that of a potentially more troublesome species of bee-like the European Honeybee, who may have a habit of causing all sorts of disruption. They are also somewhat common offenders when it comes to house infestations, so taking extra caution should be high on the priority list. 


Many types of bee sting can be extremely painful and lead to severe complications in some cases, including anaphylactic shock. Any pets you might have at home are also vulnerable to the negative effects, so making sure they are kept away from the infestation is crucial. 

It is worth considering investing in some protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and bee suits, just to be on the safe side.

Moving the Hive

It can be possible to move the hive at times, provided you are dressed safely for the occasion. It is best to approach the hive at night, as there will be less activity and opportunities to be stung. 

Barricading the entrance to the hive with cloth can prevent the bees from escaping while still letting them breathe. Asking for the assistance of a partner is useful when slowly moving the hive and keeping it balanced as you relocate it to its new home. To make sure the job is done right, it might be worth contacting Proactive Pest Solutions to let the experts take care of your infestations for good. 

Smoke Technique

There is a chance that smoking the bees from their hive will cause them to evacuate and find a new home, which can be another alternative to extermination. 

By lighting a fire underneath the hive, you may be able to trick them into leaving. Make sure to keep a safe distance as they will likely get agitated. 


It is possible to put the bees off your property for life by using cinnamon, as they will be unwilling to go near the smell. This can work to prevent bees from moving inside your home but, to make sure they are completely removed, it is certainly worth calling the professionals.