How to Sleep Better this Summer

While you wish you could sleep deeply through the hot summer months, the humidity in the air might keep you awake or wake you up in the middle of the night. For many people, summer nights plague them with excessive sweating. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. The suggestions below for how to sleep better this summer are ones that you can incorporate easily into your lifestyle, year after year.

Go Full Egyptian

You may not know this, but Egyptians used to soak a piece of cloth in water and sleep on it during the hottest months (and Egyptians know a thing or two about the heat). So, what you can do if you’re craving some coolness in the summer is take a piece of cloth, a sheet or even a towel, soak it in cool water, and then lay it down beneath you before going to bed.

If you’re worried about getting your mattress wet, you can double pad it with a dry towel underneath. Just be sure to soak the cloth, but not so much that it’s soggy; it just needs to be damp.

Install an Air Conditioner in Your Bedroom

A fan can also do the trick, but the big issue with that is that it will rattle and keep you awake at night. Instead, your best bet is to install an A/C that runs silently but keeps the temperature low enough that you won’t toss and turn throughout the night. Get the unit installed by HVAC Dunwoody to ensure it is installed correctly and running at its best performance level.

Wear Loose Jammies

Naturally, you’ll want to wear as little as possible during those hot summer months. Avoid wearing any thick or full body sleepwear, as those tend to be stifling and make you sweat. 

However, you should not go nude during extreme heat, as some people believe. Sleeping naked means that the sweat gets stuck to your skin and makes you more heated. When you wear a loose dress or T-shirt, the fabric mops up the sweat and allows your body to “breathe,” which is conducive to a comfortable sleep experience.

Upgrade your Sheets

It’s easy to assume that you don’t need to change up your bed sheets from one season to another, but that’s simply not true. The fabric doesn’t know the season has changed, so the sheets that kept you all warm and cozy during the winter will probably continue doing so in the summer, too.

When looking for the right fabric, go for airy cotton or linen sheets to sleep on during the summer. They are the ones that stay cool the longest and allow more air to pass through them.

Switch Up Your Hot Water Bottle

Sometimes when you’re cold, you might bring your hot water bottle to bed with you. Well, now you can use your traditional hot water bottle but instead of filling it with hot water, fill it with cold water. 

Then, leave it in the freezer during the day. At night, bring out the bottle and sneak it in between your sheets to keep yourself cool.

Takeaway on Sleeping Better in Summer

Staying comfortable is key to a better sleep during the summer months. Change your sheets to more breathable ones, get an AC unit, and try the other suggestions above. With a deep sleep comes a more restful morning.