How to Take Your Teaching Career to the Next Level

Career progression is crucial in any vocation, and while teachers may believe there is nothing further to achieve after securing their first teaching job, there are many ways they can take their career to the next level. Just like students, teachers are always learning as they go, and by taking steps in the right direction, there are a vast amount of opportunities to be had alongside additional benefits such as higher salaries and rewarding outcomes.

If you are a teacher who is looking for ways to expand your horizons, the below tips should give you some inspiration on how to take your teaching career to the next level:

Try a new angle 

If you have been a teacher for some years, you may be getting itchy feet and considering a brand-new challenge. You don’t necessarily have to leave the education sector to try something new, as there are many other teaching routes to think about. Some other job roles include inspectors, advisors, support workers, and school district leaders.

Why become a school district leader? The need for qualified leaders in the education sector is ever-growing, which means now would the right time to consider taking that step in a new direction. By making the transition from a typical teaching role to become a school district leader, you could have the power to make changes in small to large schools and help combat critical issues that need to be solved.

Find a mentor

Learning from other teachers is the best way to develop your teaching strategies. Qualified educators or mentors are usually assigned to teachers to offer vital support on how to conduct classes while providing useful information on planning and preparation. Teachers can find it challenging to communicate with a large group of students if they have only taught small groups previously; however, the mentor will coach you in delivering your message clearly and effectively.

Personal tutoring

If you have any free time to spare around your full-time teaching job, you could consider starting up your own home tutoring business to assist those who may need extra support around their studies. Working on a one-to-one basis with students gives you the chance to test out different teaching techniques, practice your specialties, and assist those who are less academic. Not forgetting – it is also a great way to earn some extra income on a weeknight or weekend.

Get experience outside of the classroom

Out-of-school hours is the perfect time to develop your skill set and experience, which may be relevant to specific jobs in the education sector. Volunteering with young people in the community gives you the chance to improve skills that may not be possible in the classroom, such as arranging trips and running clubs to boost your leadership and organizational abilities.

Stay on the lookout for opportunities to help you gain experience in areas such as management, budgeting, and planning, as these are all crucial skills that can be added to your resume when applying for new teaching jobs.