How to Use Body Language & Tone of Voice Effectively

You’ve probably heard “It’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters”. The tone with which you communicate something, including your physicality, is used to determine the message you’re trying to get across. Whether in your personal life or business, words are easily misinterpreted if you don’t communicate effectively. 

Ineffective communication can cost you potential clients, hurt feelings and cause conflict. But when used effectively, it gives you the chance to put your best self forward and leads to success in business and life. 

How to Effectively Use Tone of Voice 

If you’re looking to develop your communication skills, then it’s a great idea to enlist the help of Corporate Coach Group. These experts can train you to use communication for positive relationship building with your clients and others. With the proper implementation of both body language and tone of voice, you will notice some great benefits. 

1. Try to communicate in person, or via video or phone. 

The most effective way to use your tone of voice is in person, or at least where the other person can hear you speaking. When communicating through email, text or other written methods, it’s tough to use your tone of voice effectively. Often the reader will determine your tone of voice based on their perspective, and you may not get across the tone you desire. 

If you are using written communication, aim to keep your tone consistent. Use clear sentences with phrases that are easy to understand and avoid using sarcasm. Ultimately, you’ll get more out of having a verbal conversation then you will with the back and forth of written communication. 

2. Develop a unique tone of voice that makes you stand out.

You can develop your own unique style and personality by using your tone of voice. It gives you the chance to speak in a way that is distinctive and memorable. In business, you want to leave a lasting impression on your client to encourage them to think about you. Make your tone of voice dynamic, humorous and complimentary to build positive relationships with others. 

3. Be genuine. 

The best way to use your tone of voice effectively is just to be yourself. People appreciate sincerity and letting your personality shine through is contagious. With a world full of so many surface-level relationships, you will gain the respect of others by being genuine. You will build trust with colleagues and clients by putting them at ease with a relatable tone of voice. 

Body Language Tips

How you use body language can either make others feel comfortable or intimidated, regardless of what you are saying. Here are some tips for using body language effectively when communicating with others: 

  • Pay attention to how you are sitting, standing and positioning arms. If you are crossing your arms, it could come off as defensive. 
  • Note any “fiddling.” If you’re continually looking at your phone, playing with your hair or fiddling with your watch, it may come off as if you are disinterested in the conversation. 
  • Mirror their movements. Each person will have different boundaries when it comes to body language. Watch their body language to gauge what’s appropriate and how they are feeling. 
  • If in doubt, always flash a smile. It will show you are interested in what the person has to say and make them feel comfortable.