Making Your Motorhome Secure Before and After You Travel: A Guide

Making your motorhome secure before and after you travel is just as important as ensuring your motorhome’s safety during the trip itself. To make sure that you can prep your motorhome accordingly and that you have a motorhome to return to after the winter months have passed, here is a guide to the best steps that you need to take to secure your motorhome around your trip in 2021. 


  • The first step that you need to take before you travel to make sure that your motorhome is secure is to perform checks on your RV. These include making sure that all of the doors and windows close properly and that your locks are in good working order. You should also check that there are no ways that a criminal could enter your motorhome that you have not previously spotted, such as through a skylight.
  • You also need to make sure that you invest in the right motorhome. Each motorhome has different safety features that you should research and weigh up before you decide to purchase a vehicle to make sure that these features can protect your motorhome during the type of trip that you are taking. 
  • The most important step that you can take, though, is to invest in security accessories that you can attach to your motorhome before you travel. For more information about making your motorhome secure, Auto Finance’s blog post details some of the best equipment that you should choose from. 
  • Investing in the right insurance, including travel and home insurance, and completing the documents you need to can also help you if your motorhome becomes a theft victim. You should make sure that you apply for these before you travel. 


  • After your trip, if you are not planning to use your motorhome for a while, you need to look for an appropriate secure storage option in your area. When you are looking for the appropriate storage yard for your vehicle, you should look for one that provides constant CCTV and security to minimize the risk of theft while your vehicle is out of your sight. 
  • Before you put your vehicle in storage, you need to make sure that you take out any valuables that are on show within your vehicle, such as televisions, GPSs, and jewelry. This can stop thieves from taking an interest in your camper van to get the valuables inside of it.  
  • However, if you are planning to store your vehicle on your drive throughout the winter season, you need to make sure that your home is as secure as a storage yard. You can do this by installing home security systems, such as video security and alarms, onto the exterior of your home to ensure that you are alerted if there is an issue. You should also consider asking your neighbors to tell you if they see any suspicious activity around your motorhome, which may help you stop crime before it happens.