Maximize Your Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency with These 6 Tips

Knowing how to make the most of your air conditioning unit will do wonders for keeping your house cool on even the warmest of days. Another benefit is that better efficiency could mean money off your bills. Here are some tips and tricks for ultimate efficiency. 

Keep External Doors and Windows Closed 

It might sound like an obvious tip to most people, but keeping the external doors and windows in your home closed is one of the most important factors in maximizing your air conditioning unit efficiency. You may think that leaving them open will help with airflow and cooling, but, it won’t help because the AC is trying to keep a constant temperature. Opening windows and doors and letting warm air in will only make your AC work harder than it needs to. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have some doors open. Internal doors to other rooms should be left open so that there is good airflow within your house. Again, this will help with keeping a constant temperature, and you may find that using ceiling or desk fans helps with internal airflow too. 

Close Blinds and Curtains 

If there are rooms in your house where the sun pours directly in through the window, this is going to create a greenhouse effect and keep the temperature of the room above a comfortable measure. Closing curtains and blinds is a simple solution as they block out the sun, keeping the room temperature down. Depending on how well your blinds cover the window it may also have an insulating effect and will help to keep the cold air in. 

Check the Thermostat Positioning 

This is important because your thermostat, the element that relays the internal temperature to your AC, could be giving a different reading to the actual temperature of your room. If your thermostat is in a particularly warm room in your house or is positioned on a wall that happens to get a lot of sun shining on it, your thermostat could be giving a false reading and making your AC work harder than it needs to. Purchasing a room thermometer will help you to see if your thermostat is calibrated correctly.   

Keep your AC Unit Serviced 

Like any piece of equipment that gets used regularly such as a car or a bicycle, an AC needs to be serviced to keep in running smoothly and to ensure it’s safe for continued use. Keeping your air conditioning unit maintained and serviced is one of the easiest things you can do, especially as all you need to do is search “air conditioning companies near me” online and choose a company, give them a call and book a service. You’ll then be safe in the knowledge that a professional has signed off your unit for another year, and you won’t need to spend out on buying a whole new one which costs significantly more than a quick and simple service.  

Check for Badly Insulated Areas in Your Home

The most common places you are likely to find poorly insulated areas in your home are around doors and windows. If you don’t make improvements to these areas where necessary, you are effectively throwing away cold air and money into the street! There are a number of ways you can draft proof your home yourself using a range of different materials such as foam tape, caulk or silicone, and window film. 

Another area that people often forget to check that often causes the most significant loss of heat or cold air is the roof. A badly insulated roof or walls can be much bigger problem than a badly insulated door or window. It’s quite easy to check the state of your roof or wall insulation. To see the work that needs doing you will need to venture into the attic and gather a few tools. Once you’re up there, you will soon be able to tell if it’s the roof that’s causing you problems. 

Set a Base Temperature 

Another great tip is to set a base temperature for your thermostat. Once you have worked out the ideal temperature for your room you can set the thermostat and your air conditioning unit will happily work away to keep it at a constant temperature. What isn’t advisable is turning your air conditioning unit on for some temporary relief, having it turn off when it reaches the right temperate and then the room warming up again. This constant on and off isn’t an efficient way to keep your home cool and could cause parts to wear faster, costing you more in the long run. 

For anybody, managing your air conditioning might not be the first thing on your list. However, you can be more efficient and save yourself considerable amounts of money in the long run by following the tips above.