Modern Marketing Methods

Marketing methodologies have grown and changed in leaps and bounds in recent times. Although most marketing is now being done online there is still a vast number of inroads to be made in the traditional marketing spaces. Many businesses have actually neglected these traditional marketing spaces in their current marketing campaigns and lost customers as a result. A good modern marketing campaign must thus have elements of both cutting edge tech and data driven marketing as well as the on the wall, in your face, bright banners and posters of old.

Banners on walls, inside and outside still count

Most people will see and interact with a majority of their advertising and marketing online or on screens and most of this will be suitably directed to the person involved. However, there has been a surge in the more traditional types of outdoor marketing such as banners, flags, posters and exterior printed walls. The main reasons for this has been the targeted fashion in which these can be used, their ability to be moved from place to place and the fact that they can be used over and over again. If there is a customer segment that your business is missing, then simply advertising to them at a point where they gather would continue to make the most business sense.

Be seen to be remembered

The consumer is generally quite fickle, and it is important for all brands to be seen to be remembered. The tried and trusted ‘traditional’ marketing methods have stood the test of time simply because they work. The current costs of printing and technology for large scale, high quality prints mean that it is also in the realm of possibilities for all sized businesses.

The key thing to keep in mind is that the mood out there has changed and whatever means of exterior marketing that you do engage in must be sustainable and green. If it is an external banner or printed wall poster it must be reusable and hardwearing. These are available and a great example range can be seen at Soyang, which can be re-used on an ongoing basis or can be recycled. This is important and must be clear to your target audience, green credentials are all the rage and if you are advertising a product that has them, but if your advertising materials are not green, your audience will notice and it will affect the manner in which they relate to the brand.

Modern marketing has definitely changed and is more targeted than ever before. Emails and texts can be sent to your customers and you can keep in touch with existing clients in this way. However, enticing new clients to the brand or even reinforcing the brand for existing customers is key to a good marketing campaign. This can be achieved by having the brand out there and making the right associations. A public banner or printed wall in a public space serves as a form of unspoken social acceptance of the brand. Yes, it must be done professionally so as not to detract from the brand, but there are now numerous options available, and it is important to do your research and find a way to incorporate external street level marketing and branding that is sustainable and will serve to drive customers in the direction of the brand.

Outdoor advertising has always been a key part of the overall marketing campaign and although technology and connectivity has moved most of this online, there is still a need and the space out there for good quality external advertising. Modern marketing methods must include an outdoor component or your business will not keep up with your competition. The space is out there, use it wisely.