Picnic etiquette: why considering nature and those around you is important

Why not make the most out of the summer weather by taking you family on a picnic! Not only is it cost-effective, but is also great for getting some fresh air, exercise and homemade food. But when the day is done, there are certain behaviours that should be followed to ensure that your picnic spot is left in a suitable manner. This article will serve as a how-to guide for the perfect picnic etiquette. After all, you’re not the only one enjoying the sunshine!

Being considerate of your family and guests 

When planning your picnic, the people there are the first thing to plan for. You want them to be comfortable and looked after; after all, picnics are all about being relaxed! 

Top tips to help keep everyone happy: 

  • Depending on what park you go to, it could be a little overcrowded, so choosing the ideal location is vital. That way, you have privacy and you’re respecting the privacy of other people too. 
  • Finding a spot that has access to shade as well as the sun is another factor to consider.  Not everyone does well in the heat, and everyone needs to head to some shade every so often to cool off and to protect themselves from the sun. 
  • If you decide to bring your pets along, make sure to keep them on leashes for the comfort of other park uses.  Also, be ready to clean up after it. 
  • Make sure to include a few umbrellas in your bag in case it’s a rainy day. your guests will appreciate the effort if the weather turns quintessentially British. 
  • In order to prepare for it all, make sure to bring a first aid kit with you on the picnic, or any day out in fact! Keep one on hand for any bumps or bruises that might occur during the day’s games and running around, especially if you have kids. 

To keep the host of your picnic happy, be sure to follow these top tips: 

  • Be sure to check for any dietary/ allergy requirements: Your host can pack things to suit your dietary needs, but you need to let them know in advance! It can be a bit of a problem if you don’t mention that you’re allergic to something, don’t eat meat, or avoid dairy until the day! 
  • Always contribute to the picnic basket:  Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine, a selection of nibbles, or even refuse sacks for cleaning up afterwards, it’s good manners to bring something to the picnic and not leave it all to the host. 

How comfortable are those around you? 

On warm days, the majority of Britain like to make the most out of the sunshine in their shorts and t-shirt, soaking up as much sun as possible. It’s important to be courteous and respectful to other picnic-goers too. 

  • Limit the garlic, or at least try to anyways – Smelly, messy foods not only make a state for you to deal with outside, but it can impact on other picnics going on around you. Not everyone wants to have their sandwiches wrapped in the distinctive odour of devilled eggs that have warmed and spoiled in the sun. 
  • Make sure to respect other picnic-goers’ privacy and stay in your own little ‘campsite’. 
  • Make sure to keep the music on a low volume – It’s okay to want to have a picnic to the peppy beat of Taylor Swift, but not everyone in the park might be as much of a fan of her or your ability to recall every lyric flawlessly. Keep the volume low so you’re not interfering with other people’s conversations. 

Don’t leave a mess, clean it up! 

When the day comes to an end, be sure to leave the park in the same conditions as you found it, if not better. This means tidying up after yourself and your group.

  • To help with the tidying process, it’s helpful to bring cleaning items such as refuse sacks, napkins, wipes etc. If you can, take a separate bag to gather up recyclables and take them home for sorting if there aren’t any facilities at the park. 
  • To keep the place squeaky clean, it’s best to bring a pack of trusty baby wipes and a bottle of hand sanitiser to pass around before and after the meal.