Six ways to stay looking and feeling young

While no one can halt the aging process most people do want to stay looking and feeling younger for longer.

A youthful appearance as you get older is not reserved solely for the rich and famous who can afford frequent salon treatments and even plastic surgery, though. There are lots of low cost and even free alterations you can make to your lifestyle to give your wellbeing and appearance a boost.

Read on to discover seven simple steps to help you keep looking and feeling young.

Stay hydrated

Getting the right water intake can have positive effects on your entire body, including your skin. A dehydrated body equals dehydrated skin which means a reduction in skin elasticity and more wrinkles.

It is recommended that men drink around 3.7 liters and woman 2.7 liters of water per day so make sure you do not fall short.

Sleep well

Sleep is when your body fixes daily damage. From grazed skin to the effects of the sun, you need to rest to give you body time to repair.

So, to give your skin an anti-aging boost, before bed wash the day’s make-up and dirt from your face and make sure you get your recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try some natural methods such as filling your bedroom with the scent of lavender and avoiding caffeine and screen time right before bed.

Research is also going into the use of CBD oil as a sleep aide with some people suffering with sleep issues reporting that it has helped them get more rest.

There are products such as Platinum CBD vegan gummies which are coated in CBD, so you do not have to consume the oil on its own.

You should seek medical advice before taking remedies if you are unsure if they might be right for you and to check if they might interfere with other medications.


If you spend money on any beauty products, the most important for staying young looking is a good moisturizer.

In fact, if your budget stretches, it is worth having a daily moisturizer with UV protection, a nighttime specific product, a separate moisturizer for the delicate eye area and a moisture boost face oil or face mask for occasional use.

Eat well

A healthy diet will provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs to repair itself and stay looking fresh while providing your body everything it needs to maintain a properly working system.

A nutrient-packed diet will help you stay full of energy and give your hair, skin, nails and eyes a boost too.

Stay active

Staying active will keep your weight down, improve heart health and circulation and help you to feel flexible and energized so get moving as often as possible.

Keep out of the sun

The number one culprit for making your skin age quicker than it should is the sun. Avoid the suns harmful rays as much as possible by wearing sunscreen, loose clothing and a hat on hot days.

By staying young at heart and with a combination of preventative measures and products that will give you a boost, you should soon notice an improvement both to how you look and how you feel.