Smart Clothes That Improve Our Health

It may sound like something from science fiction, but it’s true, there are garments and pieces of clothing out there that can actually benefit our health in many different ways. Some can help us live a more balanced lifestyle, while others can help prevent illnesses and other health complications. Here are some of the top pieces of clothing that can make us a healthier human being. 

Compression Socks 

Compression socks are used to help boost circulation and blood flow within the body, but particularly the lower leg and feet, which are the areas most prone to bad circulation and blood clots. These items work by gripping the leg slightly and this force encourages increased blood flow to help treat and prevent various conditions. 

Compression socks or compression leggings for circulation can help reduce the effects of varicose veins, which are swollen veins that push against the skin that commonly form in the legs. The increased circulation can reduce the swelling and pain and can help decrease the amount of bruising too.

Compression socks can be worn throughout the day and are best used for people when they’re running, or when they’re sitting down for long periods of time at a desk It’s important to get the right pressure of compression for your legs to avoid any complications and to never wear them while sleeping. 

UV Clothing 

UV light is very damaging for our skin; it can cause sunburn and, in extreme cases, cancer. Of course, the best way to protect key areas that are most at risk of sun damage, such as the face, neck and shoulders, is to wear UV protective sun cream and stay in the shade, however innovations in clothing can offer even more protection. 

When the weather is warm, people turn to light clothing. The problem here is that the UV rays can still get through some garments and cause burns and other damage. Thankfully, there are now various examples of women’s clothing that offer UV protection due to their tightness of weave and the way they woven. This can help prevent issues regarding UV damage, and is an effortless way to stay protected in the sun. 

Anti-Sweat Clothing 

There are many garments, ranging from pajamas to underpants, that use anti-sweating technology to help prevent sweating and excessive moisture, making the individual more comfortable. These items can be used to help people who suffer from conditions such as menopause, diabetes and general obesity.

Different manufacturers achieve this through different methods. Some garments use moisture-wicking fabric to reduce sweat by the skin, which in turn eliminates odor. The reduction of odor means these clothes can be worn again and again and again. 

Other garments use nanotechnology to minimize sweat and odor. When materials are reduced to a minuscule size, their properties can alter. This is what happens to nano silver, a teeny, tiny version of silver, that releases positively charged ions to stop bacteria cells from forming. This helps keep your clothes clean and stop smelling, making it great for sportswear, socks and underwear.