The Best Places to Find Unique Jewellery 

Any fashion-conscious individual knows how essential accessories are to have at hand, and a good collection of jewellery is one way to ensure this. These items are easy to find, if not in specialist jeweller stores, you can find costume jewellery in most fashion retailers at a much lower price. However, as pretty as some of those pieces can be, it’s always nice to own something unique and feel a little different from the crowd. If you love adorning yourself with silver and gold, why not spend the time to find something extraordinary? It doesn’t have to be expensive, just one of a kind. Here are some great places to find unique pieces of jewellery to add to your collection. 

Vintage and Antique Stores

These are perfect places to find stunning pieces of jewellery that no one else will have. They can be a bit more expensive than some other places, but this will depend on the material and gemstones that the piece is made of. Luckily though, as these items are second-hand, usually this means that they would be cheaper than if you bought them new. These are great places to look if you love vintage styles and want to make an affordable investment into a quality piece of jewellery. 


Online shopping has become ever-more popular over the last decade or so, and it’s easy to see why when it can be so convenient. As well as making things easier for shoppers, the internet has opened up links to sellers all over the world, which is why shopping online is yet another great place to discover one of a kind items of jewellery. You can search for retailers based in certain countries, for example, gold jewellery online UK, and you can find something fabulous that’s within your budget. 

Independent Boutiques

Searching online might lead you to find wonderful independent jewellers, but if you’re walking through town or are away on holiday, take the time to stop off at any quirky boutiques you might pass. These independent stores usually have an array of wonderful things to browse through, and items of jewellery often appear as part of their accessory collection. What makes this even better is that you’ll also be supporting independent business! 

Markets & Fairs

Finally, independent seller’s markets and craft fairs are yet another fantastic place to search for gorgeous and unique jewellery. There are usually always at least one or two stalls that are dedicated to selling jewellery which is more often than not handmade, making it very special. Some sellers offer more contemporary designs and others might even be selling second-hand vintage items. Yet again, you will be supporting independent businesses but also the atmosphere at these markets and fairs alone is worth a trip. It would be a great way to spend an afternoon with a friend. 

Although the costume jewellery sold by fashion retailers can be very pretty, there’s something special about knowing you own a unique ring, necklace, or pair of earrings. To find these great pieces of jewellery and to stand out from the crowd, search some of the places suggested above, and see what treasures you can find.