The Little-Known Factors You should Remember when Selecting a Venue for Your Event

Everyone knows how important the proper venue is for any event, but this is especially relevant if you are planning a grand event with a good number of guests – and if you would like to impress your guests and give them the best impression as well. We all know too that factors like location and access are important, and so are ambience and atmosphere. You would also want to choose a site that’s somewhat related to the event you are having, whether you are having a cocktail party or a product launch or wedding. But what else should you remember when choosing a site? Some other factors can affect the success of your event if not chosen wisely. The following are the little-known factors you should remember when selecting a venue for your event.

  • WiFi access

Today, a strong and reliable Internet connection is vital to any event, especially if you are doing presentations and having keynote speakers. Your guests will also expect to be able to access the Internet to check their emails or send messages to their families and friends. And here’s another reason why WiFi access is critical: if you want word of mouth to spread about your event as it happens so you can get the right amount of exposure, you would definitely appreciate your guests being able to post about your event on social media. 

  • The parking 

Event venues are available throughout the UK, but not many can boast that they have great parking as well. But parking is often a significant factor for guests who are planning to drive but who aren’t willing to leave their cars unattended in a dark area or pay a high rate just for parking in a location for a day. Ideally, the venue you choose should have ample parking, even if you have to pay extra fees for it. If you think parking is a big factor for your guests, choose a site that has its own garage or lot or which can provide your guests with a valet parking service.

  • The sound and acoustics

Oftentimes, when checking out venues, we can be so awed with the beauty or ambience of the venue without thinking about another critical matter: the sound and acoustics. Make it a point to check the acoustics of the site; if the sound is too loud or low, this can certainly affect the mood of your guests, leaving them bored or worse, unengaged. Nobody wants to strain to hear the keynote speaker or shout over the music just to converse with other attendees. If acoustics is important to you, check the venue – if its ceilings are too low, this can amplify the sounds. If the space is too huge, it can produce echoes. Make sure your venue has a good balance, and if you can, test it yourself. 

  •  The technology

Another factor that can certainly affect your event is the availability of technology. Depending on the kind of event you will have, you will need microphones and other AV equipment, and some events will require projection screens. If you have entertainers or performers, they will require lighting systems. Think about all of these and make your decision accordingly.