The New Pet Owner’s Checklist

A lot of people dream of having a pet, but they are a big responsibility, which is what can hold some back from making this commitment. You want to feel confident that you can provide your pet with all the love and care that they deserve, which is why you must always take careful consideration before moving forward with your plans to bring one home. If you have decided that you’re ready and able, however, you can start taking those first steps to become a pet owner! Below is a quick checklist for all new pet owners to help make sure that you are prepared for the arrival of your new friend.

Food Supplies

When you welcome your new pet into your home, they will likely be hungry! While satisfying their appetite is essential, food is also a way that you can bond with your pet. As well as making sure you have a supply of nutritious pet food for their usual meals, purchase some treats too to help you when you’re trying to get to know your pet and make them feel comfortable in their new home. Just make sure you’re not overindulging them!

Register with a Vet 

If you can, try to register your pet with a vet clinic before the date you’re bringing them home. This way, you will be able to make an appointment for a health check quicker, and vets can get booked up for weeks in advance. Ask the shelter you’re adopting your pet from or the breeder then you’re buying them from for information regarding age, breed, and whether they have had any vaccinations and treatments already. When searching for a vet, look for ones like who can offer affordable rates and healthcare plan options.

Beds, Toys, and Other Accessories

While food and finding a vet should be top priorities, you’ll also need to make sure your home is kitted out with all the other necessary accessories your pet will need. A bed or tank is a must so that they have somewhere comfortable to sleep in and be kept safe. Litter trays for cats, food bowls, dog leads, pet carriers for when you travel with your pet, and toys to keep them stimulated and having fun are all must-have items. 

Preparing a Space for Your Pet

Another thing you might want to do is create a special space for your pet inside your home. It will take them some time to adjust to their new surroundings, so providing them with a private area that they can retreat to will help them feel safer. It will also help you to keep your home more organized as you can place their toys, bed, etc., in this area. Food bowls and litter trays should be placed in a kitchen, utility room, or hallway – anywhere without carpets in case there are spills or accidents to make it easier to clean up.

If you are getting ready to bring your first pet into your home, use this quick checklist to help you prepare for their arrival and help them get settled.