Tips for Jazzing Up Your Bathroom

With summer around the corner, now is a good time to consider a few DIY projects around the house. One area you may be considering is a bathroom remodel. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or the addition of a few extra features, jazzing up your bathroom can be an exciting affair. With so many design ideas and accessories to play around with, creating an updated bathroom can be fairly quick and easy. 

Keep reading below for a few ways to spice up your bathroom in time for summer.

Add New Flooring

Creating beautiful bathrooms is easy once you gather a few ideas to spice it up. This doesn’t have to cost the earth either. One of the first simple ways of upgrading your space is by changing the flooring. Geometric patterns are notoriously great for adding some flair. Tiles are the first stop in this case, but they can be expensive, so an option is to opt for vinyl flooring instead. Whatever style you prefer, changing a plain colored floor into a funky design can upgrade your bathroom in no time.

Replace Your Mirrors

Mirrors are often built into vanity cupboards or hung on the wall, but sometimes we don’t put much thought into them. Finding a vintage mirror or adding a frame or colorful elements such as gems can glam up the mirror in significant ways. Mirrors also create a sense of space, so play around with different styles to see what works. 

Upgrade the Vanity or Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet can be a boring bathroom element, or it can be the pièce de résistance, depending on what you choose and where you install it. Instead of the usual boxy style, consider a vintage cabinet or jazz up your current one with a new coat of paint or a stylish trim. You could even choose a cabinet with a lighting feature to give it that extra glow.

Give the Toilet Handle a Makeover

One of the most neglected elements of the bathroom can be the toilet handle. It may be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. You may want to change the shape of the handle, or you could employ your DIY skills and paint it in an oil bronze finish. If you unleash your creativity, the possibilities for a cool toilet handle are endless.

Hang Art or Improve the Décor

A bathroom shouldn’t just be bare-walled and plain Jane. Adding wallpaper, fresh paint colors, or reclaimed wood can be one way to brighten up your walls and add life to the room. Be bold with your décor and add a few pieces of artwork to create personality and comfort to an otherwise functional space. Creating a theme for your bathroom can also be a good idea, with many people opting for nautical or oceanic motifs by using stencils, plants, trinkets, and more.

There you have it — a few starter ideas for jazzing up your bathroom and improving its look and feel. Enjoy your new space!